News channel Al Jazeera America launches Tuesday, taking over for Current TV.

On “Extreme Weight Loss” (ABC at 8 p.m.), trainer Chris helps Ashley, a mother who feels tremendous guilt over the death of her baby daughter and thinks that her obesity caused her early labor. Ashley’s husband, Jason, also gets on board with the weight-loss program, and Chris sets the couple up with workouts alongside members of the former U.S. Olympic softball team.

“So You Think You Can Dance” (Fox at 8) winds down the finish line, as the Top 8 finalists perform, but two more dancers’ dreams are crushed when they’re sent home.

Just as Aria is finally getting over her unhealthy relationship with her English teacher, Ezra, he shows up again in her life, needing help, on “Pretty Little Liars” (ABC Family at 8); meanwhile, “A” gets Toby to do anything by promising more information about his mother’s mysterious death.

A new episode of “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” (HBO at 9) looks at Red Bull’s unique marketing techniques, which have always aligned the brand with extreme sports. Plus, a look at Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Steve Delabar, who made a comeback after a gruesome elbow injury.

Annie has to cover her tracks on “Covert Affairs” (USA at 9), so she turns to the FBI for help; later, she receives a huge opportunity because of Henry.

If the high school murder mystery “Twisted” lost you somewhere along the way, series star Ashton Moio (who plays Rico) narrates the recap special “Twisted: Socio Studies 101” (ABC Family at 9), which looks back at the show’s first 10 episodes.

Harvey remembers why he left the district attorney’s office on “Suits” (USA at 10) after he witnesses Cameron’s shady behavior with Ava’s case. And Mike has a flashback of his own, recalling why he wound up never getting his law degree.

“Drunk History” (Comedy Central at 10) takes on Nashville, with scenes about Dolly Parton’s rise to fame, as well as Lewis and Clark in Tennessee.

Pierce deals with an ex-girlfriend who shows up on “Perception” (TNT at 10), while Donnie helps out a war hero who is suffering from a severe neurological disorder.

— Emily Yahr