Black Mirror (Netflix streaming) The British anthology series, which stars Andrea Riseborough, above, and explores the dark side of technology, is back with six new episodes for Season 4. (Arnaldur Halidorsson/Netflix)

Gold Rush (Discovery at 9) Todd's Colorado mine lies in the path of the solar eclipse. Trouble looms with less than 800 ounces gathered this season.

Bring It! (Lifetime at 9) Dianna tells the girls she will take only five of them to the national competition at the end of the season.


Bill Nye Saves the World (Netflix streaming) The Emmy-winning host brings famous guests into his lab to explore scientific issues in Season 2.


American Masters: Bob Hope (WETA at 9) A candid look at the life of the entertainer, including access to Hope's personal archives.


La Mante (a.k.a. The Mantis) (Netflix streaming) A serial killer offers to help solve the cases of copycat murders under the condition that her son, a police officer, will work with her.

Sarah Polus