RETURNING SHOW: Lebanon Levi and his team who work to preserve order among the Amish community are back on the second season premiere of “Amish Mafia” (Discovery at 9 p.m.) as they seek to keep outside forces from infiltrating. This season, Levi must rebuild his crew when one of his main men is arrested, and another one drops out.

RETURNING SHOW: “Face Off” (Syfy at 9) comes back for Season 5. Returning contestants must battle new, up-and-coming special-effects make-up artists.

Maura’s teenage half-sister asks to stay with her on “Rizzoli & Isles” (TNT at 9), but immediately begins testing her patience; later, Frankie Jr. helps out with a disturbing murder case at a youth hockey league.

SERIES PREMIERE: It’s another pawn shop show on “Cash Dome Pawn” (truTV at 9:30), which chronicles the adventures of Mickey Gallanderhas, who has run a shop in Miami for three decades. However, before he thinks about retirement, he must show his two sons how to run the business.

SERIES PREMIERE: “Moonshiners” gets a spin-off courtesy of “Tickle” (Discovery at 10), which follows cast member Tickle as he finds a new stash of moonshine in the woods of Appalachia and tries to unload it without getting caught. Luckily his pals, Howard and Moe, are happy to help with the project.

SERIES PREMIERE: It’s a night of people who think doomsday is near on National Geographic Channel, wrapping up with “Doomsday Castle” (at 10), a “Doomsday Preppers” spin-off about a guy who creates a bunker to protect his family in case of disaster — and the entire world’s power grid fails.

Pierce looks into a stabbing at a psychiatric hospital on “Perception” (TNT at 10), and thanks to vivid hallucinations of Sigmund Freud, he begins to believe the hospital has lots of scary secrets.

SERIES PREMIERE: Docu-series “Porter Ridge” (Discovery at 10:30), set in a remote area of Indiana and from the creators of “Duck Dynasty,” follows an isolated community which, according to the network, follows three rules: respect the Lord, love your family and watch each other’s backs.

SERIES PREMIERE: Following some of the biggest cosplay (or “costume play”) stars, “Heroes of Cosplay” (Syfy at 10:30) tags along as the comic book fans create extravagant costumes before going to conventions around the country to show off their looks. First up: The Wizard World convention in Portland, Ore.

Emily Yahr