FINALE WATCH: Not a great sign when a network pulls your show from its regular time slot to air the last two episodes on the Friday evening after a holiday. “Dancing Fools” (ABC Family at 6 p.m.), which features funny dance clips starring people competing for a $10,000 prize, signs off with back-to-back installments, hosted by Melissa Peterman. In the finale, an all-girl dance group goes up against a guy duo — plus, a cameo from the Harvard baseball team performing its viral “Call Me Maybe” video.

SERIES PREMIERE: A motorcycle club in Florida is the focus on new Discovery reality show “Warlord Rising” (at 9), which follows the lives of the group members, starting with the guys throwing a “prison release” party.

“Shark Tank” judge Barbara Corcoran guest stars in a segment on “What Would You Do?” (ABC at 9), as the show stages a scenario where a male manager interviews a young female job candidate at a cafe, only to tell her she won’t be hired because she’s a woman.

SERIES PREMIERE: Canadian police drama “King” (at 10) starts airing on ReelzChannel, making its U.S. premiere, about a homicide detective described as a “charismatic but unconventional” cop who tends to pick up on details other people miss while working in Toronto’s most dangerous crime unit. In the opener, a detective in charge of the major crimes task force has a meltdown (on TV, no less), and King is asked to replace him.

SERIES PREMIERE: New docu-series “Philly Throttle” (Discovery at 10) stars vintage motorcycle builder Adam Cramer and his team of mechanics working to restore bikes at Liberty Vintage Motorcycles in Philadelphia. First up, the guys race to finish a 1967 Norton Atlas and a 1931 Matchless Model X. To provide an idea of the drama that may occur, Discovery explains that Cramer “is an artist and an intellect, not a businessman.”

FINALE WATCH: HBO wraps up the journey of Warwick Davis — a little person actor trying to become a star again — on “Life’s Too Short Special” (HBO at 10), the conclusion to the seven-episode British show that aired in February 2012 on HBO. During the special, Davis is thrilled to learn that if he can raise enough money, he may be able to star in a movie with Val Kilmer; meanwhile, show creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant make cameos as themselves.

— Emily Yahr