Lisa Bonet as Rosa Parks in the Season 2 premiere of “Drunk History.” (Comedy Central)

You can give her credit for trying, but Ali is on the outs as the girls’ leader after last week’s shenanigans on “Pretty Little Liars” (ABC Family at 8 p.m.). Meanwhile, the rest of Rosewood High anxiously awaits her return, and Aria sinks deeper into her depression.

SERIES PREMIERE: The three-part series “Time Scanners” (MPT and WETA at 8) reveals the past through physical and forensic investigations. In the opener, the team heads to Egypt to learn how the pyramids evolved from simple mud-brick structures to ancient phenomena.

The audition round continues on “America’s Got Talent” (NBC at 8), with Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern making up the mismatched judging table.

SERIES PREMIERE: “History Detectives Special Investigations” (MPT and WETA at 9) examines nearly ancient cold cases, including the sinking of the SS Sultana in the 19th century, the “Texas servant girl” murders of 1885, and also the disappearances of Glenn Miller and Jimmy Hoffa.

The already controversial “Tyrant” (FX at 10) returns for its second episode with Barry’s return to America on hold when his older brother is incapacitated and his nephew’s new bride is kidnapped.

SERIES PREMIERE: Yet another installment in the biker franchise, “Biker Battleground Phoenix” (History at 10), centers on a garage in the Arizona capital and its head bike builder, Paul Yaffe.

Soldiers are sent to the emergency room after an accident that also harms Drew’s boyfriend on “The Night Shift” (NBC at 10).

RETURNING SHOW: Montgomery, Ala.’s past is covered on the Season 2 “Drunk History” (Comedy Central at 10) opener with celebrities taking on the roles of Rosa Parks, Percy Julian, Joe Louis and many more to re-create history as told by a highly intoxicated person.

RETURNING SHOW: The docu-reality series “Nathan For You” (Comedy Central at 10:30) returns for Season 2 with Nathan (played by comedian Nathan Fielder) persuading a mechanic to verify his polygraph test.

Actor Hugh Jackman is on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (NBC at 11:35), and so is Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees for a packed night of jams.

Actor Paul Rudd and comedian Jeff Altman come to the “Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS at 11:35), with musical guest John Doe.

Comedian Dane Cook and actor Mark Duplass stop by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC at 11:35), along with musical guest Trey Songz.

Rachel Lubitz