It’s the first live eviction on “Big Brother” (CBS at 8 p.m.) as one houseguest is sent packing, guaranteeing that the drama and fights will quickly escalate.

The remaining 13 chefs get a surprise visit from Season 3 champion Christine Ha on “Masterchef” (Fox at 8), but first, they must complete a challenge involving a complicated mystery ingredient.

SERIES PREMIERE: It’s that week of the year when if you’re not barbecuing, you should be, and there are plenty of TV shows to help out. See: “BBQ Crawl” (Travel Channel at 8, 8:30), as Canadian BBQ champion Danielle Dimovski goes around America looking for the best barbecue, starting in Texas and Arkansas.

Even though Jack has taken over his father’s handyman business, he still relies on his dad to give him advice on “Family Tools” (ABC at 8:30), such as when he’s being bullied by “the bug guys.”

On the eve of Independence Day, documentary “Anthem” (MPT at 9) looks at Francis Scott Key’s inspiration for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The contestants on “The American Baking Competition” (CBS at 9) go up against one another in a semifinal showdown, but Brian is so nice, he can’t help but risk his status in the contest to help a fellow competitor.

Rachel and the guys strike up a wager on “Franklin & Bash” (TNT at 9), making a bet about whose case will attract more press coverage — a psychic suing for wrongful termination (Rachel) vs. a fisherman whose case needs to invoke “pirate law” (the Jared-Peter duo).

A historic mission in California apparently has some haunted things happening, and the team on “Ghost Hunters” (Syfy at 9) gets permission to head inside and see what’s going on.

SERIES PREMIERE: Just a week after The Post concluded its Dozen Weeks of Doughnuts competition, Cooking Channel tries to cash in on the trend with series “Donut Showdown” (at 10). In each episode, three expert doughnut creators compete in challenges to make the most delicious treats, for a $10,000 prize.

Docu-series “I’m Having Their Baby” (Oxygen at 10) profiles a woman whose parents pressure her to put her baby up for adoption.

— Emily Yahr