The five remaining chefs on “Hell’s Kitchen” (Fox at 8 p.m.) get a surprise, and it’s not being yelled at by Gordon Ramsay — instead, they get visits from their families as the competition gets tougher.

What matters more on a crazy obstacle course, body mass or book smarts? “Wipeout” (ABC at 8) gets creative with its theme this week, dividing the teams into two categories: doctors and scientists vs. weight lifters and fitness buffs.

A company that remodels homes in St. Louis is struggling on “Does Someone Have to Go?” (Fox at 9), and before staffers resort to firing anyone, they try to come up with a better business model.

Oh, look, it’s a new episode of “Anger Management” (FX at 9:30), which has gotten more media than ever lately with the news that Selma Blair has been officially removed from the show — allegedly after a disagreement with Charlie Sheen. In this installment, therapist Kate (Blair) gives Charlie some interesting news.

FINALE WATCH: “Hannibal” (NBC at 10) status: Renewed for Season 2. Things are looking bad for Will in the first-season finale as he returns from Minnesota without Abigail, and Hannibal turns him in. Unfortunately, the police find evidence that points them to the fact that Will may have killed Abigail and could also be the Copy Cat Killer; as if that’s not bad enough, Jack and Alana finally accept that Will could really be a murderer.

RETURNING SHOW: Where did the dog (or human in a dog costume) Wilfred come from? That’s addressed on the Season 3 premiere of “Wilfred” (FX at 10), as we finally see his original owner. In the second episode at 10:30, Ryan becomes friends with Wilfred’s nemesis.

E! airs hour-long special “Brooke Burke-Charvet” (at 10), which profiles the “Dancing With the Stars” co-host as she talks to Giuliana Rancic about everything from her career to family to her battle with thyroid cancer.

Actor John Travolta, comedian Chris DiStefano and musical guest Japandroids are on “The Late Show With David Letterman” (CBS at 11:35).

“The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC at 11:35) hosts actress Kristin Davis, playwright Harvey Fierstein and a performance by the Mowgli’s.

Actress Anna Paquin is on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (ABC at 11:35), along with NASCAR driver Brad Keselowsi and rock band Muse.

Emily Yahr