RETURNING SHOW: “Magic City” (Starz at 9 p.m.), the drama set in 1950s Miami where the owner of a fancy hotel made an unfortunate deal with the mob, is back for Season 2. In the opener, Ike Evans faces murder charges, and while his family scrambles to get money for his bail, they discover some of his shady business dealings.

Randy heads to Colorado on “Randy to the Rescue” (TLC at 9) to help a self-conscious bride-to-be find a dress that covers up a scar and to give advice to another woman who wants a very revealing wedding gown.

E! has spent this week celebrating Joan Rivers’s 80th birthday, and now the festivities culminate with an hour-long special on “Fashion Police” (at 10).

The owner of a New Orleans lobster bar can’t figure out the root of the problem between his bartenders and kitchen staff — apparently they can’t stand each other — so he sends in the team from “Mystery Diners” (Food Network at 10) to figure it out.

Kiera and Carlos have an awkward reunion when a group hijacks a prison transfer on “Continuum” (Syfy at 10).

One Mind for Research’s Patrick Kennedy and documentary filmmaker Josh Fox are interview guests on “Real Time With Bill Maher” (HBO at 10), along with a roundtable that includes journalist Jonathan Alter, political strategist Kellyanne Conway and historian Niall Ferguson.

SERIES PREMIERE: CNN gets in the late-night-talker game with “Stroumboulopoulos” (CNN at 11). Canadian talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos chats about everything from pop culture to politics. First guests are as eclectic as you might imagine: rapper Wiz Khalifa, actress Ellen Page and “Walking Dead” comic book author Robert Kirkman.

FINALE WATCH: At last, it’s the famous episode of “Vice” (HBO at 11) in which the team traveling with former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong Un. How did they get access? Well, it helps that Kim is apparently “a fanatic for the Bulls dynasty of the ’90s.”

Actor Armie Hammer, animal expert Dave Salmoni and musical guest Boxer Rebellion are on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” (NBC at 11:35).

— Emily Yahr