Point Blank (Netflix streaming) Paul, a young nurse, tries to save his pregnant wife as he’s unwittingly drawn in a larger conspiracy. Pictured: Anthony Mackie, left, as Paul and Frank Grillo as Abe. (Patti Perret/Netflix)

(All times Eastern.)

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC at 8) In the season’s penultimate episode, the team races against time to save the world.

BattleBots (Discovery Channel at 8) The competition heats up as finalists duke it out to enter the top 16. Bite Force battles Bronco.


Blown Away (Netflix streaming) A glass-blowing reality show where 10 glass artists compete to become “Best in Glass.”

Extreme Engagement (Netflix streaming) A couple travels the globe for a year as a final test to make sure they’re ready for marriage.

One Spring Night (Netflix streaming) This romantic Korean drama centers on two people who meet under unusual circumstances. English subtitles.

Taco Chronicles (Netflix streaming) A new travel series about the many iterations of tacos and their diverse histories. English subtitles.

Shangri-La (Showtime at 9) A docuseries devoted to the famous Malibu recording studio and the men behind it.


4 Latas (Netflix streaming) Two old friends try to make things right with someone from their past before it’s too late, and mend a father-daughter relationship in the process.

Kidnapping Stella (Netflix streaming) After a German woman is kidnapped, she must fight for her life. English subtitles.

The Wrong Boy Next Door (Lifetime Movie Network at 8) After a rebellious teen is put under house arrest, she strikes up a relationship with the cute new boy next door, but he’s not as innocent as he originally appears.


Bill Burr Presents IanTalk: Ideas Not Worth Spreading (Comedy Central at midnight) The comedian presents a new special.

Savannah Stephens