(All times Eastern.)

Masters of Illusion (CW at 8) Featured magicians include Jarrett & Raja, Jeki Yoo, Ed Alonzo, Titou, Jason Andrews, the Evasons, Lefty and Murray SawChuck.

What Would You Do? (ABC at 9) A deaf person faces discrimination in a restaurant; a grocery store bagger does a bad jobl and a woman sponsors a young immigrant. Season finale.

Killjoys (SyFy at 10) The three Killjoys try to find a way to break out of a maximum-security prison.


The Family (Netflix streaming) A group known as the Family wields great political power in Washington and believes the separation of church and state is unnecessary.

Sintonia (Netflix streaming) A group of teens growing up in a Sao Paulo slum try to pursue separate dreams while sticking together in a chaotic world. English subtitles.


The InBestigators (Netflix streaming) Led by the clever Maudie, fifth-graders act as detectives solving neighborhood crimes.


Cable Girls (Netflix streaming) This Spanish period drama set in 1920s Madrid focuses on four women’s lives and friendships as the first female switchboard operators. English subtitles. Season 4.


Free Meek (Prime streaming) This five-part documentary executive-produced by Jay-Z focuses on Meek Mill’s long journey through the criminal justice system after a 2007 gun and drug conviction.


Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling (Netflix streaming) One-off based on the popular animated series from the ’90s. Rocko struggles to adjust to life in the 21st century after spending two decades in space.

Late Night

Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO at 10) The comedian covers the week’s news with a panel of guests.

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