(All times Eastern.)

Caribbean Life (HGTV at 8 and 8:30) A Maine couple searches for a home in Puerto Rico. A Michigan woman surveys properties in St. Croix.

Ghost Adventures (Travel at 9) The group investigates a home in Oakdale, Calif., where a bereaving family suspects there is something sinister happening.

Christmas Cookie Challenge (Food at 10) Five competitors are surprised with a theme of winter tropical vacation.


Christmas in Rome (Hallmark at 8) An American tour guide in Rome teaches her newest customer, a traveling businessman, about the Italian city’s traditions during Christmastime.

Merry Liddle Christmas (Lifetime at 8) A successful tech mogul welcomes her unruly family into her new home for Christmas while she entertains a romance with her neighbor.


Fox News Sunday (Fox at 9 a.m.) Reps. Douglas A. Collins (R-Ga.) and Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.)

This Is America & the World (WETA at 10 a.m.) Julia Chang Bloch, former ambassador to Nepal.

Meet the Press (NBC at 10:30 a.m.) David Brooks, New York Times columnist; Al Cardenas, Republican strategist; Maria Teresa Kumar, president of Voto Latino; Betsy Woodruff Swan, Daily Beast reporter.

Batwoman (CW at 8) Kate and Alice try to get a feel for each other, while Alice and Mouse plot something diabolical.

Ray Donovan (Showtime at 8) Ray confides in Molly more when he learns that they’re family.

Bob’s Burgers (Fox at 9) Gene snags a role in a local play, but he learns that Linda may have had a hand in that decision.

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS at 9:30) A former trainee seeks revenge on Hetty for absorbing him into the intelligence world.

Watchmen (HBO at 9) Angela seeks an un­or­tho­dox treatment on the advice of Lady Trieu.

The Rookie (ABC at 10) Officer Nolan attempts to help the previous owner of his home reunite with his family.


You Light Up My Christmas (Lifetime at 8) Emma must revive her hometown and her family’s Christmas light business with the help of an old crush.

All My Husband’s Wives (Lifetime Movie at 9) When Alison’s husband’s death is ruled a murder, she learns that her seemingly perfect spouse wasn’t all he appeared to be.

Hau Chu