So you didn’t watch the Emmys because you were watching “Breaking Bad” or “Dexter” or football. Or because you just didn’t want to. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to take part in the discussion that’s happening Monday morning. So here – use these talking points, and you’ll be right there with everyone who spent three hours waiting for something interesting to happen.

Best Drama

Who won? “Breaking Bad”

Was this a surprise? Once a “House of Cards” sweep was out of the question early in the night, momentum seemed to be on the side of “Breaking Bad.” It simply had more positive buzz than either “Homeland” or “Mad Men” this year.

How was the speech? Show creator Vince Gilligan was cool, calm and collected. And he made sure to thank the show’s most underrated star — the city of Albuquerque.

Best Comedy

Who won? “Modern Family”

Was this a surprise? Only if you think the shows that people talk about on Twitter are the shows that Emmy voters actually vote for. More people were on the stage for the “Modern Family” acceptance speech than actually watch “Girls” on a weekly basis.

How was the speech? “This may be the saddest Emmys of all time,” creator Steve Levitan started. He had a point. It’s hard to have an exciting show when planned “in memoriam” tributes were the foundation.

Lead Actor in a Drama

Who won? Jeff Daniels for “The Newsroom”

Was this a surprise? A complete and utter shock. If anyone was going to win for self-satisfied, overwrought monologues about power and politics, it was supposed to be Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey for his “House of Cards” role. Otherwise, Bryan Cranston seemed like the people’s choice, Damian Lewis won for “Homeland” last year and people always think Jon Hamm has a shot even though Emmy voters think Matthew Weiner is the only one worth awarding from “Mad Men.” Nobody can really say they saw the Daniels victory coming.

How was his speech? He made a solid AARP joke, but the biggest surprise was that Daniels somehow didn’t seem all that surprised.

Lead Actress in a Drama

Who won? Claire Danes for “Homeland”

Was this a surprise? Nope. No matter how much Twitter wanted to will Kerry Washington to victory and favorite status, defending winner Danes was always the clear leader.

How was her speech? She paid sincere tribute to a series writer who passed away earlier this year. Can’t criticize anything about that. She also called her husband her “crush.”

Lead Actress in a Comedy

Won won? Julia Louis-Dreyfus for “Veep”

Was this a surprise? Are you kidding? Never bet against Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the Emmys. Nobody else stood a chance.

How was her speech? Her win was so unsurprising that her fellow cast members had comedy bits prepared for her speech, including Hale reprising his role on “Veep.”

Lead Actor in a Comedy

Won won? Jim Parsons for “Big Bang Theory”

Was this a surprise? The combined chances of any of other nominees winning was about equivalent to the current playoff chances of the Nationals. So, no.

How was his speech? As well-prepared and unexciting as could be from someone who knew he was winning this award the second he stepped off the stage at last year’s Emmys.

Miniseries or Movie

Who won? “Behind the Candelabra”

Was this a surprise? An HBO vanity project about Liberace, directed by Stephen Soderbergh and starring Matt Damon and a recovering-from-cancer Michael Douglas? A movie made to win Emmys.

How was the speech? Soderbergh was brief but Douglas got some of the evening’s best laughs when he accepted his best actor award and generally came off as a Hollywood A-lister.

Supporting Actress in a Drama

Who won? Anna Gunn for “Breaking Bad”

Was this a surprise? A bit, yes. Maggie Smith seems like a perennial favorite but momentum was on Gunn’s side, even if her character on “Breaking Bad” was so despised that she wrote an op-ed in the New York Times to defend herself.

How was her speech? Not as combative/“hi haters” as some may have liked.

Supporting Actor in a Drama

Won won? Bobby Cannavale for “Boardwalk Empire”

Was this a surprise? Yes. “Boardwalk Empire” is that rare Sunday show without deafening buzz, and despite his previous win Cannavale had to be considered an underdog in a category with Aaron Paul, Mandy Patinkin and Peter Dinklage.

How was his speech? Fine. Unexciting.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy

Who won? Merritt Wever for “Nurse Jackie”

Was this a surprise? Yes, because when you Googled her name to find out who she is, you probably spelled it “Weaver” and not “Wever”

How was her speech? Nothing short of amazing. Emphasis on short. “Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I gotta go — bye!”

Supporting Actor in a Comedy

Who won? Tony Hale for “Veep”

Was this a surprise? Definitely. The “Modern Family” guys splitting votes was somewhat predictable, but that led many to think departing “SNL” cast member Bill Hader would take it home.

How was his speech? Boring. He just reeled off a bunch of names of people we’ve never heard of, who I’m sure mean a lot to him. And no “Arrested Development” references.

Outstanding Variety Series

Who won? “The Colbert Report”

Was this a surprise? “The Daily Show” won 10 straight years, so yes. But it felt like this was finally the year viewers realized “The Colbert Report” has for a few years been more essential viewing than “The Daily Show.”

How was the speech? Nobody combined comedy with humility like Colbert. He is an all-time great.


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