Errin Whack

Errin Whack covers Virginia politics for The Washington Post, including the commonwealth’s General Assembly and the 2013 gubernatorial race. Before joining the Post, she spent seven years as a newswoman at The Associated Press in Atlanta, where she covered race and the Georgia Legislature. Errin is a native of Atlanta, Ga.

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Smithsonian museum also tells story of black cuisine

Smithsonian museum also tells story of black cuisine

Jerome Grant grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland, but also visited his stepfather’s family in Hampton, Virginia, and spent summers with his Jamaican grandmother in Philadelphia.

Black American journey finally enshrined in national museum

When the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture opens this week alongside the Washington Monument and the National Museum of American History, it will firmly — and finally — anchor the black experience in the nation’s narrative.

Brecha salarial racial en EEUU alcanza máximo en 40 años

La brecha salarial entre negros y blancos en Estados Unidos se ha ampliado y la principal razón es la discriminación, según un nuevo reporte.

Report finds racial wage gap widest in nearly 4 decades

As wages for American workers have stagnated for more than a generation, the income gap between black and white workers has widened, and discrimination is the main reason for the persisting disparity, according to a new report.