Express' weekly news quiz: 'Chipotle-gate,' a North Korean threat and another actor apology

How closely have you been paying attention to the news in the past week? Test your knowledge with our current events quiz.


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Sen. Thad Cochran narrowly survived the toughest election of his political career Tuesday, winning the GOP primary runoff in Mississippi. To what or whom are experts attributing his win?

Millennial voters
Tea party voters
Black voters
His lucky bowtie


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Which actor apologized this week after making racist and bigoted remarks in an interview with Playboy magazine?

Shia LaBeouf
Gary Oldman
Alec Baldwin
Mel Gibson


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What did NBA player LeBron James do this week that could affect his future?

He underwent surgery on his left elbow
He sold his house in Miami for $10.2 million
He opted out of the final two years of his contract with the Miami Heat
He unfriended Dwyane Wade on Facebook


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Which world leader recently surpassed the White House in number of Twitter followers?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
Russian President Vladimir Putin


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There were mumblings of “Chipotle-gate” after President Barack Obama was photographed doing what during a visit to the restaurant Monday? 

Eating his tacos with a knife and fork
Picking at his teeth with a tortilla chip
Double-dipping in the table’s shared salsa
Reaching over the sneeze guard while ordering burrito bowl toppings


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Why is North Korea angry with actors James Franco and Seth Rogen?

Leader Kim Jong Un wasn’t offered a role in their new movie “The Interview”
They are in a public Twitter feud with Kim’s friend Dennis Rodman
Their new comedy “The Interview” is about a plot to assassinate Kim
Kim has always thought “Pineapple Express” is overrated


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Which of the following did not happen after Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit an Italian player during a World Cup match?

He received a red card and was suspended from the match
Uruguay won the game, which eliminated Italy from the World Cup
His lawyer said there’s a European vendetta against him
FIFA banned him from all soccer activities for four months


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Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi announced that he is going to do what to help boost Egypt’s economy?

Raise taxes on all income to 80 percent
Donate half of his salary and personal wealth to the country
Annex oil fields from neighboring Libya
Sell the pyramids to a private museum

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