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See D.C.'s best and brightest with these local light displays.

It's a little-known fact that Clark Griswold took his inspiration from the D.C. Mormon Temple. (Festival of Lights)

Who picks out the Capitol Christmas tree? This guy.

Ted Bechtol has been the Capitol’s official Christmas tree selector for 12 years, but he’s not in charge of picking one for his own house.

What gifts should you buy at your favorite D.C. shop? We asked the experts.

What do you get for the hip D.C.-area resident who has everything? Something from their favorite local shop, of course.

Ice! at National Harbor is a pricey bore, but free Christmas fun abounds nearby

There's nothing to do at Ice! besides snap photos before the freezing cold kills your phone battery.

"Jackie" humanizes Jackie Kennedy — and destroys the myth of the movie widow.

Grab tickets to these shows before they sell out!

PewDiePie hit 50M subscribers on his channel on Thursday.

Plus, Dolly Parton shares her go-to stocking stuffers and Gigi is quitting social media for a bit.

Working with director Pablo Larrain opened Sarsgaard's mind to a new way of working.

Kacey Musgraves spreads holiday cheer at the National Theatre.

Nothing says "festive" like pink pajamas, a creepy Tom Hanks, and Alan Rickman plummeting off a building.

After a lifetime in the spotlight, the superstar still wants her mom.

Getting out of the pit for Fiasco Theater's version of "Into the Woods," Evan Reese saw the material in a new light.

Sorry, Trump fans. Rapper Mac Miller will not be performing his 2011 hit “Donald Trump” at the Fillmore on Tuesday … or perhaps ever again.

Plus, Dane Cook and Nick Cannon are (sort of?) feuding and Matthew McConaughey shared dreams from his youth.

  • Bryanna Cappadona
  • ·
  • People
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  • 1 day ago
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Some drew comparisons to a Time cover of Hitler.

This New York couple, on year five of their honeymoon, knows how to live large while traveling cheaply.

Also, Haily Baldwin basically asks for "Bad Blood, Pt. 2" and Tom Ford gets existential.

  • Bryanna Cappadona
  • ·
  • People
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  • 2 days ago
  • ·

Will Instagram update until it becomes Facebook?

Dr. Andrea helps a reader who isn't sure a clean break is the way to go, and another reader who's looking for more from his recently divorced girlfriend.

Overhauling the defense will take multiple years and more than a handful of new starters.

  • Rick Snider
  • ·
  • Sports
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  • 3 days ago
  • ·

Plus Steven Yeun got married, but Sandra Bullock isn't going to.

And old details about "Last Tango in Paris" cause new outrage.

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