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Luxe buildings are bringing live shows to their living rooms.


The title of Kelly Osbourne’s new book ‘There Is No F*cking Secret’ says it all

The book is a series of smart, profanity-laden letters from Osbourne — to her parents, to her body, to addiction, to bathroom “seat sprinklers.”

The Veil, Triple Crossing and The Answer are putting Richmond on the craft beer map

"There's been an explosion of craft brewing in Richmond,” says Greg Engert, beer director for Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

What Margaret Atwood thinks of the new Hulu adaptation of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Good news: She's thinking about writing a sequel!

You can't unsee Mike Pence as a woman.

Beyonce is rolling out a scholarship.

Dr. Andrea helps a reader who's tired of watching his wife burn through money, and another reader who can't break free from the woman he cheated with.

And, a hot take on the March for Science

Beneath the show’s bland title lie Southern self-indulgence, Southern snootiness and Southern sorrows.

So much can be said with the blink of an eye.

(Bad joke.)

Gray-on-gray is the new Golden Arches

In the true story about explorer Percy Fawcett, writer and director James Gray wanted to search for the meaning of civilization itself.

Director Ben Wheatley scales back and gets better.

She tattooed a typo on Ed Sheeran.

A man named Newman pretended to be a licensed architect — seriously.

United is still searching for its first goal and point on the road this season.

"In the Heights" is having its Spanish-language premiere in D.C. — and brings a message the city can relate to.

A true story about food, a based-on-a-true story about an Amazonian adventure, and a let's-hope-it's-not-true story about politics.

How do you tell a true story about something that some people say never happened?

Music, educational opportunities, a vendor fair and a munchie zone highlight the second annual event in D.C.

The rapper admits that marijuana is not his cause: "That's for Cypress Hill and Curren$y and people like that," he says. But "I enjoy marijuana every once in a while."

Or: How I learned that the soldiers at Union Station are naked behind their shields.

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