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The linebacker shares his thoughts on ice cream, general manager Scot McCloughan and his most adoring fans.

The Redskins' top pass rusher is using last season's playoff exit as motivation while entering training camp with a clean bill of health.

Plus Aoife O'Donovan and Willie Watson are teaming up at the Birchmere.

Tourists beware, the National Zoo sits on one of D.C.'s steepest hillsides. And the animals can get frisky.

Matt Damon is back and a film franchise is reborn. Speaking of movies and births ...

The band delivers Tame Impala-like psych rock inspired by music from the ’60s and ’70s — with Brazilian influences.

The novelist chats about his new book, "Purity," soon to be a Showtime series starring Daniel Craig

In his new show, "The Trump Card," the monologuist explains the forces that brought The Donald to power, and argues that the next demagogue will be smarter and scarier.

The Fugazi songs would have been the most notable aspect of Adams’ career-spanning two-hour set if it weren't for an unruly audience member.

Dr. Andrea guides a reader who's tired of watching her husband lash out at his deteriorating mom, and another reader who isn't sure what to say to a friend who was dumped by her fiance.

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