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Chris Danger illustration for Express

Feel the burn.

Kelly assures the former speaker she is "not fascinated by sex;" Timberlake doesn't stand up for his free speech

The things she’s singing about are complex, so she’s put a lot of thought into them.

Here are four of shows that you won’t want to miss.

Meet four dogs who have made friends across species lines.

Tell us how you feel about scary clowns and vodka and we'll tell you what to do this weekend.

Pit your wits against those of a Pulitzer Prize winning columnist on this Florida weird news quiz.

Grab tickets to this and four other shows before they sell out!

“The Art of the Qur’an” features more than 60 examples of the Muslim holy book from all over the Islamic world and from the eighth to the 17th centuries.

"Empire" on Fox has seen a drop in viewership, but yet, the show is still a big social media magnet.

You won't see her, you won't hear her, you might not even know she exists — but the show can't go on without her.

The Redskins are not getting the most out of one of the NFL's fastest wide receivers

  • Rick Snider
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  • 22 hours ago
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The countdown to "A Year in the Life" heats up; Cavs star can like two teams at once

"The Walking Dead" goes full-on depravity; and a Twitter user realizes Lochte can't count.

Dr. Andrea advises a reader who wants her boyfriend's mother to see the real her, and helps another reader who's thinking of bailing on bridesmaid duty.

The former Red Sox pitcher picks up a new gig, and Joe Biden finds not one, but two quarters!

Christopher Wheeldon's 'Cinderella' stars an evil stepsister who isn't all bad and a magic tree instead of a fairy godmother.

Ewan McGregor's handsome adaptation of the Philip Roth novel depicts a family that becomes stronger in crisis.

The Emmys would like to reassure you that they are not rigged; Putin would like his friendship bracelet back

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