“A garden can mature and evolve in a way that a building cannot,” says Nick Nelson, the botanic garden’s landscape architect.


What would Signature Theatre’s Eric Schaeffer do on his D.C. dream day?

A bike ride, some fried pickles, some baseball. And just a bit of drinking.

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Escape rooms: Either they are dumb, or I am.

I should have known my team was in trouble when we flubbed the "sign the liability waver" challenge.

10 things to do in D.C., Maryland and Virginia from Sept. 14 to 20

Concerts and comedy should highlight your upcoming entertainment plans.

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Jakub Vrana leads Washington's crop of young roster hopefuls.

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In 50 games under Gruden, the Redskins ran the ball on more plays than they threw it 14 times.

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When Los Angeles felt the effects of an earthquake on Monday night, celebrities tweeted their confusion.

Dr. Andrea advises a reader who thinks her sister is being ungracious, and another reader who wonders if it's time to tell the guy she's been seeing about her past eating disorder.

And, have you seen the 'Elf on the Shelf' meme?

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Arcade Fire arrived in Washington on Saturday as "the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champions of the world."

TMZ said it's about a "sexually suggestive" video.

After all, high school is rife with intrigue and conspiracies.

"Mother!" is Jennifer Lawrence's best work in years. So what if that's not saying much?

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“It’s one of those avant-garde classics that sticks around, because you can always reinterpret it in light of whatever the big fear of the moment is,” its star says. “And obviously, there’s plenty of those right now.”

Kim Gordon won't say exactly what she'll be playing at the Hirshhorn on Sunday, but it's probably safe to say that you won't be humming it on your way home.

"The Princess Bride" comes to Strathmore for a behind-the-scenes discussion of the beloved film. You know, as you've wished.

Movies that can take you back in time or around the world.

Plus: How you can spend New Year's Eve at 9:30 Club or The Anthem.

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