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Dr. Andrea helps a reader who thinks her friend needs to get a look of her own, and another writer wonders if it's time to track down the woman who got away.

The show deftly blends social commentary and sharp (even far-out) humor.

One of the year's best films deserves the best technology money can buy.

The onus is on the offense to improve in the running game and cut down on penalties.

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Armed only with curiosity, these residents have turned their inquisitive minds into one-writer journalism machines.

A lot can — and did — change in 10 years.

If you're looking for an ax to grind, these movies have it.

Check out these 5 stops on D.C.'s secret fossil trail.

Historian Elizabeth Cobbs has written a novel, "The Hamilton Affair" about early America's most fascinating power couple.

"My whole youth was overshadowed by violence, lies and fear," says Chilean photographer Jorge Brantmayer, who lived through the Pinochet era. "Dictatorship castrated our whole generation."

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