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Dr. Andrea advises a reader who is considering marching right out the door, and another reader who wishes her male friends at school would hang out with her after school too.


At his shows, Dierks Bentley is always ready to take fans on a wild ride

The country superstar gives area fans two chances to blow off steam during his action-packed summer tour.

Signature’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ lets audiences draw close to Jesus. Really close.

The production's creators hope its minimalism and intimate setting show audiences a new side of Jesus.

Inside the U.S. government’s plans to survive a nuclear war

Just about 65 miles from D.C., hollowed-out mountains with three-story buildings inside stand ready to house government officials if there's a nuclear war.

Squash on Fire boasts eight courts, including two all-glass “showcase courts” equipped to host tournaments.

This wild animal was pretty wild.

These are the important questions.

Writer-producer Moira Walley-Beckett adds a bleak tone to the buoyant 1908 story.

James and Pippa were all smiles at their large party for tabloid reporters.

Modern parenting or: How I learned to stop worrying and love YouTube.

And don't doubt her dancing skills either.

Old Hilltop is “antiquated” and “in need of substantial renovations.”

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Some of these guys have no shame.

A study of racism, a thriller about bureaucracy and a wild ride with space cowboys are all coming to local screens.

She's dating a British guy who is not named Taylor and is not a tailor. Lame.

"Are the hackers trying to punish Disney, or all of us?" tweeter asks.

Plus: Netflix's "Mystery Science Theater 3000" is going on tour.

"Babel: A Full Dome Projection" is a perfect excuse to go to the planetarium.

"There were no phones, and few offices had telegraphs, so mail was the main means of communication," says Nancy Pope, curator of the "Trolley Car Mail" exhibition at the National Postal Museum.

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