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Dr. Andrea helps a reader who doesn't feel right asking his sister to conceal her love, and another reader who finds the guilt from cheating impossible to overcome.


Your guide to inauguration demonstrations, marches and protests

From a marijuana march to the Bikers for Trump Halftime Show, a preview of what to expect around inauguration.

In 2017, resolve to appreciate D.C. better

Support local arts, get out of the D.C. dining bubble and expand your cultural horizons this year. Here's how.

Staycationer year in review: The best and worst D.C. tourist spots I’ve visited so far

This year I went to Georgetown Cupcake and saw "Shear Madness." What do you want me to do in 2017?

Or maybe he just really likes fast cars, fire and women aggressively eating cake. Who knows?

“Holy smokes, that is a dinosaur!”

Also: Chelsea Handler blames the Kardashians for Trump's presidential win and Jamie Dornan isn't into S&M.

Also: Diego Luna and Suki Waterhouse are kissing now and Nicole Kidman clarifies her statement on supporting Trump.

"You can't blindly love MLK's peace," one Twitter user writes.

The comedian, in town to film a stand-up special, dropped in at The Big Hunt for an unannounced 15-minute set on Jan. 12.

Writer and director Mills has cracked the code when it comes to men writing women.

Winter is here, and there’s no time like the present to get prepared.

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Also: Charlie Sheen reignites a 2-year-old feud with Rihanna and Michael Keaton is sorry for calling it "Hidden Fences."

Highly difficult tasks that could swing each playoff game.

Fallon thanked the first lady for bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘the right to bare arms.’

Take feminism's past — and its future — sitting down.

Two old favorites and a new one from a modern master hit screens this weekend.

Writer and director Peter Berg finds truth more compelling than fiction in the story of the Boston Marathon bombings.

A remnant of a defunct burger chain, Ollie's Trolley has occupied its current downtown D.C. corner since 1988. So how does the old-timey diner stand up to more modern burger spots?

Some of us are hoping the big bellied look comes back into style soon.

The play "presents both sides very respectfully," says its star.

Prince's former backup singer returns to D.C. and the DC Improv goes live for Sirius XM.

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