The newest installment of the endless franchise is big, noisy and has a brain the size of a walnut.


DC Rider columnist takes (on) the Metro

Introducing Kery Murakami, Express' new transit columnist.

6 boardwalks within reach of D.C. offer a path to the beach — and summer fun

Miles and miles of adventure and fun await you at these beach destinations. Which one is calling you?

An illustrated guide to the ‘Hamilton’ stage

Walls that grow! Really sturdy desks! We chatted with "Hamilton" designer David Korins about the hit musical's set secrets.

The boutique owner wishes we'd all explore different neighborhoods in D.C. more often. Here's how she'd do it.

Their milestone turned into an unexpected scare.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture showcases Oprah's many career successes — and one of her biggest regrets.

Austin has South by Southwest. Aspen has the Aspen Ideas Festival. Now, D.C. has its own artsy, zeitgeist-capturing event.

Jonathan Safran Foer's book on food ethics is now a documentary, Armenian tightrope dancing is a dying art, and "The Emoji Movie" somehow still exists.

Come for the food. Stay for the music, performances, demonstrations and workshops. And the food.

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The raw center may just be worth a gamble for Ernie Grunfeld.

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Plus: REI stages a new women- and outdoors-centric music festival dubbed Outessafest.

Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves team up; John Kadlecik plays Dead and the Phillips House reopens.

And more of what's popular online.

And more of what's popular online.

Plus, Dr. Andrea advises a reader whose wife is always worrying about something and may have an anxiety disorder.

More than half of those out of service were supposed to be fixed over the weekend.

Netflix's "The Break With Michelle Wolf" can be hit-or-miss, but the show's high points are absolutely brilliant.

Chances are you’ll be approached by one someday (or want to put yourself on their radar), and navigating the tricky world of recruiting can pay off.

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Gubler manages relations between the park’s visitors and the 50-plus species of mammals that inhabit Shenandoah, including about 400 to 600 black bears.

Buy tickets to these shows before they sell out!

The Parrs are back to battle bad guys, math and the balance between protecting your kids and allowing them to take the risks that enable them to develop life skills.

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