Plus, Dr. Andrea helps a reader who's at odds with her husband about whether to share their child's autism diagnosis with friends and family.
Plus, a Twitter user received a grateful text from an ex before his wedding — was it mature or downright unnecessary?
The Pop TV series follows a foursome of 20-something Floridian women who find themselves wondering if it's finally time to grow up.
JD McCrary and Shahadi Wright Joseph carry the first half of Disney's photorealistic remake, which had the eighth-best opening weekend of all time at the domestic box office.
A D.C. program making it easier to travel to and from the Metro by cab is having trouble getting riders, so the city is increasing subsidies — and making more cab rides free.
Sculptures made by Ed Dwight, a prospective astronaut who became an artist, decorate the D.C. region.
The filmmaker wanted to tell her family story for years, but struggled for creative freedom until producers heard her recall the tale on NPR's "This American Life."
Comedy options about in the District this weekend.
The folksy rock band plays Merriweather's The Chrysalis on Tuesday.
When she's not working, the massage therapist plays drums in her D.C. cover band Diplomatic Immunity.
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