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The spread debuted to mixed reviews.


6 ways to laugh at D.C.’s Underground Comedy Fest

The festival, which includes 14 shows and dozens of comics, kicks off Wednesday and runs through April 1.

My husband’s trendy new beard is disgusting … but is there anything I can do about it?

Dr. Andrea helps a reader who doesn't like kissing her man any more, and another reader who's grown tired of a friend's constant complaints about her money situation.

Who gets to be the Cherry Blossom Queen? The process is more random than you might expect.

Follow these 5 easy steps, and next year it could be you wearing that fabulous tiara.

With this Nia Long and Taraji P. Henson non-feud.

Grab tickets to these shows before they sell out!

Ballet, banjo and Pottercon are among this week's best events.

Movies can keep actors forever young — but not in this case.

The SHIFT festival turns orchestral music inside out, outside in, and (literally) upside down.

Three very cosplay-friendly movies come to local theaters. Well, two cosplay-friendly ones and then another.

The abandoned buildings of St. Elizabeths capture the development — and dismantling — of America's mental health care system, according to a new exhibit at the National Building Museum.

Ebony’s fair, which toured the nation from 1958 to 2009, brought the latest in contemporary fashion to black communities.

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Christine Baskets is the antidote to all the bizarre antics.

Oh, boy.

Former VP meets puppy named after him at the Capitol.

And, you can now buy the iPhone in red.

Personnel decisions are typically a group effort, even when individuals take credit.

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Students learn how to use data to show companies where they fall short on pay equity and diversity, and why paying attention to these issues is good for business.

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Plus, YouTube is under fire for LGBTQ video filtering.

“I was like, ‘This is it.’ ”

Live-action "Mulan" remake won't have songs and people are not happy about it.

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