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Sometimes kids need a home of their own.

Performances from a storied past help the Washington Ballet leap into the future.

The Staycationer investigates: If the Kennedy Center's long-running whodunit is so terrible, why do people keep seeing it in droves?

For King, who plays the Hamilton on Thursday, there was never any doubt that the guitar was his calling.

Grab tickets to these events before they sell out!

Argue about the best TV shows of all-time, listen to Beethoven's music reimagined and see a classic Wes Anderson film in the next four days.

Washington must navigate the difference between disagreement and disrespect.

Dr. Andrea advises a reader devastated by the loss of a pet and another reader who can't seem to break into the in-crowd at work.

The coach has a knack for getting his team to respond in its most desperate moments, like Sunday at New York.

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The lip-syncing actors for Season 4 are extremely A-list.

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