4chan has to be living for the way left-leaning Twitter jumped on the "Zina Bash is a white supremacist" bandwagon.

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@abbyohlheiser, on attorney Zina Bash allegedly showing an alt-right hand symbol at a hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. That meaning of the gesture, which signals “OK,” is a hoax started on the website 4chan. Nonetheless, some accused Bash of being a white supremacist.

Not gonna lie, Brie Larson looks marvelous as Captain Marvel.

via Entertainment Weekly (via Entertainment Weekly)

@kellyleimbach8, reacting to the first official look at actress Brie Larson as Marvel superhero Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. The highly anticipated superhero flick is scheduled to come out on March 8, 2019. Fans are still waiting for the movie’s first trailer to drop, although the cover reveal came with behind-the-scenes images.

Someone obviously challenged BET to fit half of Bobby Brown's life in a two-hour slot and boy, did the channel deliver.

Annette Brown/BET (Annette Brown/BET)

@Love_Jori, tweeting about Part 1 of BET’s “The Bobby Brown Story.” The episode was a whirlwind for most viewers, as it touched on highlights from the R&B singer’s life: an alleged relationship with Janet Jackson, feuding with future wife Whitney Houston’s best friend Robyn Crawford, and his cocaine usage. “The Bobby Brown Story” is a continuation of BET’s “The New Edition Story” and picks up after Brown is kicked out of the group. Part 2 aired Wednesday night.

Nike can't come to the phone right now, it's too busy standing solidly by Colin Kaepernick.

@darrenrovell, on Nike’s new commercial featuring Colin Kaepernick, a face of the brand’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. Nike ignored the Kaepernick backlash and released the commercial, in which the ex-NFL player says, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”