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Sorry Phang, but Philadelphia lied to you. You are a lizard.

Philadelphia Union (Philadelphia Union/Philadelphia Union)

@NotTheRealGoose, tweeting about Phang, the new mascot for The Union, Philadelphia’s MLS team. During a very elaborate unveiling of the mascot, Phang emerged from a giant glowing egg to the excited cheers of young fans. Phang claims to be a snake, but his arms, legs and suspicious mohawk have caused him to be branded a lizard on social media. The Union responded that Phang had been a regular snake, but after tying a ball to a metal cleat, he was then struck by lightning, turned into an egg and reborn as a snake with limbs.

Kit Harington went on a rant about Marvel lacking diversity, which is great, except “Game of Thrones” isn’t exactly diverse either.

Getty Images (Rich Polk/Getty Images)

@SableSteel, reacting to actor Kit Harington’s interview with Variety, in which he lambasted Marvel for not casting any LGBT characters as superheroes. Many pointed out that Harington’s show, “Game of Thrones,” isn’t exactly diverse itself. In defense of Marvel, @katieskrsgard pointed out that actress Tessa Thompson, who is bisexual, was cast as the superhero Valkyrie in “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Now that Shay Mitchell is done with “Pretty Little Liars,” she’s starting a career as a magician.

@nofiltermeg, discussing actress Shay Mitchell’s latest ad for beauty brand Biore, for which she’s been an ambassador for two years. In a video originally posted to her Snapchat and later uploaded to Twitter via an amused fan, Mitchell discusses Biore’s cleansing waters, calling them her favorite makeup removers. She then does a demonstration — without actually touching the cotton pad to her eye.

Kit Harington should take notes, because Chromat’s Fashion Week show was THE definition of diverse.

Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows)

@Farleyfan, tweeting about Chromat’s New York Fashion Week show. Though some attention was on the show’s theme, which repurposed the idea of the “wet T-shirt,” fans were struck by the brand’s inclusivity. Plus-size model Sonny Turner, above, wore a “sample size” T-shirt to highlight the industry’s focus on body size. Other models included trans actress Leyna Bloom and cancer survivor and amputee Mama Cax.