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A term Melania Trump doesn’t fully understand: “bullying.”

Getty Images (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

@brickhouse1964, tweeting about comments the first lady made in an interview with ABC News. When asked about her “Be Best” campaign against cyberbullying, she said, “I could say I’m the most bullied person [in] the world.” The claim was met with backlash, with some saying there is a difference between getting bullied and being criticized for clothing choices.

A term Fox News doesn’t fully understand: “acting.”

Miramax (Miramax/Miramax)

@Scarfulhu, responding to Fox News implying the actress was hypocritical for using a gun in the new “Halloween” despite being a gun control advocate. Cutris explained, “I am an actor.”

A topic everyone can agree on: This cape is stunning (and so is the couple).

@RevDaniel, reacting to photos from @CAMSQUIAT that show her uncle James Burrell-Hinds’ wedding outfit. Burrell-Hinds wore a white suit for his wedding to his now-husband Riccardo. However, he upped his fashion game by including a cape with a train. The stunning photos from their Paris wedding have Twitter users demanding wedding capes become the norm.

Things gamers regret: Their horrible gamer tag from when they were 13.

@nKuchGaming, joking about the announcement from Sony and PlayStation that players would be able to change their PlayStation Network tags, starting in 2019. PlayStation said in its press release that the first handle change will be free, with any additional changes costing $9.99.

And something millennials have rightfully killed: American “cheese.”

@davidubben, commenting on a Bloomberg article that said millennials — the generational scapegoat — have killed American cheese. Many didn’t see the news as a negative, especially since American cheese is a processed product. According to Bloomberg, sales of processed cheeses have dropped for the fourth straight year.