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I get that Rebel Wilson really wants to be one to break barriers, but erasure is NOT how you do that.

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@ReignOfApril, reacting to Rebel Wilson saying she was “the first ever plus-sized girl” to lead a romantic comedy with “Isn’t It Romantic.” Twitter users pointed out that Queen Latifah played the lead in “Last Holiday” and “Just Wright,” while Mo’Nique was the lead in “Phat Girlz.” Wilson then tweeted that the issue was a “grey area,” saying she wasn’t sure if those actresses were plus-sized at the time of the films. After being called out for her erasure of plus-sized women of color, Wilson began blocking women of color who criticized her.

It looks like “Avatar” is going the “Star Wars” route with its vague, slightly disturbing titles.

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@YourManDevine, joking about reports about the four “Avatar” sequels. BBC News reported that their titles are “The Way of Water,” “The Seed Bearer,” “The Tulkun Rider” and “The Quest for Eywa.” Though most people seem to be indifferent to the sequels, some of the titles have Twitter users joking that the movies may get a little risque.

Shoulder straps have a purpose, so you can find me snapping buttons wherever I go now.

@Francheskahor6, sharing her fashion discovery on Twitter. Her finding that jacket buttons have an actual function was news to many Twitter users, though an article in Time pointed out that the straps originated with military uniforms to keep sashes, belts and ornamental decorations in place.

We have enough expression emojis. I repeat, we have enough expression emojis!!

@h4ckysack, joking about one of the new emojis coming to Apple products with iOS update 12.1. The above face, described as the “Woozy Face,” left many confused, including Twitter user @007dpz, who tweeted, “Can someone please explain this emoji to me?” The request prompted a slew of hilarious takes on the pained expression.

Honestly, on the list of things I thought Kim Kardashian West would say, dropping the r word was not one of them.

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@masoncook, blasting Kim Kardashian West for using the R-word in a since-deleted video. The reality star tells a friend that people are “retarded” for not getting that she had dressed up as Pamela Anderson for Halloween. TMZ reported that she later apologized.