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This statue looks like a lot of people, but Mo Salah isn’t one of them.

AP (Ayman Aref)

@craigcoeyo, tweeting about a statue of popular Liverpool player Mo Salah at the Sharm el-Sheikh World Youth Forum in his home country of Egypt. The statue of Salah depicts the soccer star in his famed goal celebration pose, with his arms wide. Sculptor Mai Abdallah said she chose Salah because he’s a “symbol of excellence to Egyptian youth,” according to the BBC. However, Twitter users immediately compared the oddly proportioned statue to singer Leo Sayer, Margaret Thatcher, Beavis and Butthead, Marv from “Home Alone,” Art Garfunkel and Richard Simmons.

This entire seal situation sounds like a future Liam Neeson movie.

Getty Images/iStockphoto (Louise Cunningham)

@snhuprez, reacting to reports that a fisherman was rescued from a cliff face in Scotland on Friday after fleeing 50 “aggressive” gray seals and their pups. He was walking on a beach when he came across the colony. While trying to escape, he got stuck on the cliff and had to call for rescue.

I get that dark comedy is your thing, but you know that has limits, right?


@JasStanford, blasting “Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson for joking about war veteran and Republican congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw of Texas, who lost his eye during a 2012 explosion in Afghanistan. Crenshaw said later that he tries “not to be offended” and that an apology wouldn’t mean anything to him.

Either The Washington Examiner was hacked, or its trying to weirdly save face before the midterms.

@revrrlewis, tweeting about the conservative D.C.-based news outlet sending out a tweet early Monday morning that read, in part, “Trump is going to hell. Anyone who ever read the Bible can tell you where it stands on rich adulterers.” The criticism ended with “This paper is garbage for promoting ‘Trump and God.’ ” Examiner deleted the tweet and said its account had been hacked.

Wisconsin gonna Wisconsin.

@caesaar, joking about Milwaukee Bucks fan Jamie Kiesl naming a whopping 27 cheeses in 30 seconds. The competition came during the Bucks’ win Sunday over the Sacramento Kings. Kiesl beat player Sterling Brown, who named 17 in a prerecorded segment. A self-described lifelong Wisconsinite, Kiesl was given a basketball signed by Brown for her effort.