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Texas could’ve gone “to the left, to the left” if Bey had piped up earlier.

Getty Images (Theo Wargo)

@BrenBren713, tweeting about Beyonce’s eleventh-hour endorsement of Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke for the U.S. Senate, just hours before polls closed Tuesday. After O’Rourke lost to incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz, many teased the singer, saying her influence could have made an impact, while fans slammed people for blaming a black woman for O’Rourke’s loss.

Someone get the president a dictionary so he can understand what “tremendous” and “success” mean.

@CatVartain, mocking President Trump after he tweeted that the midterms were a “tremendous success,” despite Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives. Though Trump initially didn’t seem to get that a blue-leaning House was bad for the GOP, he later said he would take a “warlike posture” against any investigations.

Ariana Grande laughing and dancing with her best friends during “thank u, next” was a bit of sweetener for her concerned fans.

@chuchiazurin, reacting to Ariana Grande’s “First Wives Club”-inspired performance of her new single “thank u, next.” Though the singer has had a rough time lately, she was all smiles and laughs as she performed her new breakup anthem.

This guy’s internal monolgue? “Gotta catch 'em all.”

@cjohwait, tweeting about 70-year-old Chen San-yuan. The Taiwan native is an active Pokémon Go player who was profiled by news outlets in August for his impressive bike mount featuring 11 smartphones. The setup allowed him to ride around and constantly catch Pokémon on the mobile game. Chen has since upgraded and now has the phones mounted to his waist, with an external battery in a backpack to keep them running.

THIS is the representation women have been waiting for (and some of these clothes actually have pockets!)

@Zmoneymill, praising model Hailey Baldwin for her new holiday collection with the online retailer. Many of the photos for the campaign feature petite and plus-sized models wearing the same outfits. The shots quickly caught the attention of Twitter users, who lauded the move.