A couple of weeks ago, commuters dragging themselves to work really early on a Monday morning found that Wiehle-Reston East-bound Silver Line trains weren’t running at five stations from Largo Town Center to Benning Road. From 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m., commuters at the stations had to wait for a Blue Line train and then switch to a Silver Line train at the Stadium-Armory station. Metro, though, didn’t warn anybody this was going to be happening until 2:30 that morning.

We wanted to know why there wasn’t more notice, especially since there were disruptions along that stretch the night before.

Metro spokesman Dan Stessel won’t say why.

He did say the change affected five early-morning trains, inconveniencing relatively few of the 600,000 passengers a day who ride Metro.

Concrete grout pads that hold rails in place needed to be replaced, said Stessel, who wouldn’t explain further. He said the work was at a challenging place — a junction above the Anacostia River where the Blue, Orange and Silver lines meet.

There is no rail yard at the Largo station, he said. So trains beginning service at Largo in the morning have to come from New Carrollton’s yard. But Stessel said pocket tracks used to move trains from New Carrollton, running on the Orange Line tracks to Silver or Blue Line tracks headed for Largo, had to be taken out of service because of the grout replacement work.

So Silver Line trains couldn’t begin running from Largo until the first trains that had started the day from Wiehle got there.

But even so, why wasn’t more notice given?

”It was a late change, but information was pushed out as soon as it was known," Stessel said.

Pressed for more information, he said, “Nothing further to offer.”

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