In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District. See previous dream days from Mayor Muriel Bowser, comedian Paris Sashay, Washington Capitals player Tom Wilson and more.

Married Denizens Brewing Co. owners Julie Verratti, left, and Emily Bruno would avoid their brewery on their D.C. dream day. (Denizens Brewing Co./Denizens Brewing Co.)

As co-owners of Denizens Brewing Co. in Silver Spring, married couple Julie Verratti, left, and Emily Bruno spend a lot of time at the brewery. When asked if they’d avoid their business on a perfect day off, they say “yes” in unison. “Mostly because I’m there every day,” Bruno adds. “You couldn’t pay me to go in.” Bruno, 36, and Verratti, 39 — who work on the business side of the brewery while co-owner Jeff Ramirez makes the beer — will soon have another place to avoid on rare days off: Denizens is opening a larger brewery and taproom in Riverdale, Md., next spring. Until then, they’ll set aside time for a dream day full of food, self-care and Netflix.

Bruno: We’d be pretty lazy in the beginning of the day. There’s a coffee place in Silver Spring that we love called Kaldi’s Social House, so we would go to grab some coffee, hang out and have an easy morning.

Verratti: I really like their drip coffee. It’s super delicious.

Bruno: We’ve got two dogs that we’re both kind of obsessed with: Jolene and Lola. They’re pretty rowdy rescues, so we’d take them for a long walk in Rock Creek Park. The northern part, close to Silver Spring, has a lot of great trails.

Verratti: There’s a really cool park in the Wheaton area called Brookside Gardens. There’s lots of quiet nooks and crannies around the park where you can have a picnic. They even have a cocktail garden where they’re growing herbs that go in cocktails and they have recipes you can see.

Bruno: Especially at this time of year, they have the whole thing lit up for the holidays.

Verratti: We’d probably be very hungry at this point — at least I know I would. One of our favorite restaurants to go get lunch or brunch is Brookland’s Finest. The chef is doing an awesome menu, which changes up a lot. Salmon and grits — that’s my favorite.

Bruno: Post-lunch, I’d get a massage. Ohana Wellness in Bethesda is great.

Verratti: I’d get a haircut. I have a friend who owns her own salon, Sweet HairAfter in Kensington, Md., and another friend who has been cutting my hair for decades. He works at PR at Partners in Mazza Gallerie.

Verratti: Then I’ll probably go over to JennyCakes Bakery to grab cupcakes. I honestly don’t care what the base is as long as it has cream cheese icing.

Bruno: Same, same.

Bruno: We’ll be in Kensington so we’ll hang at our friend Zena Polin’s place, The Dish & Dram.

Verratti: They make this absolutely delicious pimento cheese from scratch, and they use it for a lot of specials.

Bruno: I like their fried oysters. Their cocktails are great too.

Verratti: I’m either drinking red wine or one of the local draft beers — they carry basically nothing but local beer, which I think is pretty cool. Waredaca Brewing has a stout, Reveille, that I enjoy.

Bruno: We would keep eating, have some more drinks, come home, have a fire and just chill and watch TV. Right now we’re binge-watching “The Great British Baking Show."