Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff are co-hosts of the Destination America series "Paranormal Lockdown." (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)
TV Critic

Who would have imagined that the late John McCain and his wife, Cindy, were fans of “Paranormal Lockdown,” the cable series in which two investigators hole up in an allegedly haunted facility for 72 hours and seek signs of the supernatural. But that’s what Meghan McCain said when she interviewed Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, the stars of the show, on “The View” earlier this year: Her parents were “both obsessed.”

If that makes you wonder what the show is like, you’re in luck: Season 3 launches Tuesday on the Destination America channel, with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. (its regular timeslot) and 10 p.m.

In the premiere, Nick and Katrina head to a decrepit West Virginia facility with the lovely name Sweet Springs Resort Park. Built in 1795, the brick property has been a spa, a TB sanitarium, an old-age home. In 2015, white-bearded Ashby Berkley, an entrepreneur with an interest in historic building, acquired the Sweet Springs at auction. Now, he hopes to revive it as a resort.

Except you do have to wonder: Will guests want to come if they’re hanging out and, like Nick, feel a hand grab their leg?

The fearless investigators use a fake-looking device they call a “poltercom” (which resembles an old-timey clock) to “sweep radio channels to receive real-time spirit communication.” When Nick isn’t sweeping, he’s busy asking questions of invisible spirits, like, “Do you want us to go to the pool?” He thinks he hears a voice say “not safe.” He jumps in anyway.

At the end of the episode, Nick and Katrina present their “subjective” and “objective” evidence to the owner — like a recording of a voice that says “help me” and a report of a noise that sounds like a chair being dragged. Taking it all in, Berkley thinks “the property is speaking to me.” I do, too, and the message is: Sell this place!

The most appealing part of the show is not the paranormal investigation, which seems, er, a tad sketchy, but the curious places Nick and Katrina go. I’m looking forward to their lockdown at the honky-tonk Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder, Ky., where there’s supposedly a portal to hell.