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It’s like the last month has just been about Jameela Jamil screaming into the internet void.

Actor and panelist Jameela Jamil attends 2018 Girlboss Rally at Magic Box on April 28, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Rich Furry/Getty Images for Girlboss)

@freeblackgirl, blasting Jameela Jamil for asserting that airbrushing should be banned. In comments to the BBC, the actress described the technique as “anti-feminist” and “fat-phobic.” Not everyone was on board with the idea; the above Twitter user compared Jamil’s take to Alicia Keys’ makeup-free campaign and noted that many celebs forget that their looks aren’t the norm.

What would’ve been more shocking: Beyonce in a T-shirt or Ed Sheeran in a tux?

@mattebitch, defending Ed Sheeran for his no-frills T-shirt and jeans look at the 2018 Global Citizen Festival. Twitter users began blasting the British singer after his duet with Beyonce on “Perfect,” for which Beyonce wore an over-the-top fuchsia gown. While some said it was an example of the differing fashion standards for male and female performers, others, such as @OliviaAundreaC, noted that the singers’ fashion choices reflected their different brands.

No one approved this.

@JoelleMonique, reacting to a story from GQ claiming boot-cut jeans were making a comeback. GQ was panned for the call, which was based on Balenciaga’s inclusion of a flared-out jean in its spring collection. Many Twitter users decried the idea that the once-popular denim style could return; @MikeDelMoro took a line from Ariana Grande, writing simply, “thank u, next.”

Didn’t “Nathan For You” end last year?

@wheelswordsmith, tweeting about an article shared by Amazon News about one of the company’s delivery drivers, who lost weight in part by making her package drop-offs more physically taxing. Amazon News was critiqued for the wording of the tweet, which said its Amazon Flex program “allowed” the driver to lose the weight, and for promoting a tactic that was showcased on the parody show “Nathan for You.”