What if there was a space that was free of judgment from the outside world? Where anyone — particularly the LGBTQ community — could be themselves without being subjected to unwanted criticism?

This was a scenario that D.C. resident Steve Lemmerman often fantasized about. The most notable precedent in recent memory was Shaw’s Town Danceboutique, which closed its doors in July. Lemmerman, who goes by the stage moniker DJ Lemz, says his new quarterly dance party Bent will partly pay homage to the defunct gay club. But his main mission is to reinvent D.C.’s queer nightlife scene rather than mirror Town’s vision.

“My aim with Bent is to include everyone in the queer community,” Lemmerman says. “Not just catering it to gay men.”

Lemmerman, who works at 9:30 Club, shared his idea for an LGBTQ dance night during one of the club’s town hall meetings, where venue owner Seth Hurwitz brainstorms with employees.

“[9:30 Club] is a venue where I know that no matter who comes, how they’re dressed or how they look, they’re in for having a safe night without anyone judging them,” Lemmerman says.

The inaugural Bent on Saturday will take over the entire club and, according to Lemmerman, will look very different from other performances at the venue (the party will include a runway, for example). Lemmerman will spin a mix of dance tunes with fellow DJs Keenan Orr and The Barber Streisand, and the night will also feature performances from D.C. drag queens Pussy Noir, Donna Slash and Bombalicious Eklaver.

“I want the party to be a special place for people,” Lemmerman says. “My main drive with Bent is to highlight all aspects of D.C.’s vibrant queer community to a wide audience.”

9:30 Club, 815 V St. NW; Sat., 10 p.m., $15.