Unfortunately, three hours did not make the new cardboard box of a “Bachelor” any more interesting.

@Pacheltheories, joking about the excruciating three-hour-long season premiere of “The Bachelor.” It began with an hour-long segment spotlight of watch parties from around the country featuring appearances from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” alumni. Fans quickly grew tired of the watch parties and the constant jokes about Bachelor Colton’s virginity.

Representation, especially in a high-stakes video game like Overwatch, is a bright spot.

@houstonoutIaws, reacting to the latest “Overwatch” short story, which confirms that fan-favorite character Soldier: 76 is gay. In “Bastet,” 76 reveals a long-standing relationship with a man named Vincent. 76 is the game’s second LGBT character, alongside Tracer.

Sans-seasoning? I don’t know her.

@TheTariqM, commenting on fellow Twitter user @corihealey’s photo of her boyfriend’s roommate’s chicken dinner. The distressing photo shows three chicken thighs in the oven, slapped haphazardly on a baking sheet. The chicken isn’t covered in any spices or sauce, and the lack of seasoning confounded Twitter. “I thought these were sea conches,” @TheAquariusBIG tweeted.

Snoop speaks. Everyone better listen (well, maybe not the children).

@ambersvoice, praising rapper Snoop Dogg for speaking out about the government shutdown. Addressing the “honest, blue-collar, hard-working” federal employees not getting paid, Snoop encouraged them not to vote for President Trump if he runs in 2020. The expletive-laden rant also included Snoop calling Trump a “punk.”