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William Pond really looks like he found his dream job.

@DawnWatland, joking about Democratic staff member William Pond, who wore a huge mock receipt at Tuesday’s California State Assembly session. The prop was used as Assemblyman Phil Ting introduced a bill that would require businesses to make electronic receipts the default. Pond’s prop also drew comparisons to CVS receipts, which are known for being absurdly long.

Maybe if society didn’t want people pining over fictional murderers, Hollywood should stop making shows about them!

Penn Badgley stars in the new Netflix series "You." (NETFLIX )

@sammyspreeman, echoing a sentiment shared by actor Penn Badgley on the internet’s obsession with his character from the new Netflix series. Badgley has been on a Twitter reply spree, discouraging fans from romanticizing Joe, who, among other disturbing actions, stalks a woman and kidnaps her loved ones.

There is no defense for this.

@aussielawleyy, criticizing Austin McBroom, patriarch of YouTube’s popular ACE Family, for a video that shows him buying a phallic-shaped lollipop for a young girl in his extended family. McBroom laughs throughout the video, and even insists to the camera that he had to buy it because the girl “said she was going to steal it.” McBroom has not addressed the controversy.

I’m going to need a rebuttal from Sen. Romney on his missing jacket.

@larimah, detailing her worst over-the-top lie in a thread started Tuesday by writer Nicole Cliffe. After Cliffe shared that she’d claimed eviction to move in with her partner, Twitter users responded with similar self-serving fibs. Popular tales included ploys to get free food and lying to get into a Sundance party hosted by Sen. Mitt Romney.

When will we be free from this freaking song?

@ItWasMarch1, reacting after the infectious sing-along children’s song “Baby Shark” landed at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week. Its placement has put its creator — South Korean educational brand Pinkfong — alongside global artists. “Baby Shark” gained popularity last summer, and the video has over 2.1 billion views.