Everyone here needs to just sit down and read a joyful book.

@elbirdilara, tweeting on the backlash against the tidying expert’s guidance on getting rid of books. Some bibliophiles concluded that Kondo hates all books — akin to Gaston, the villain in “Beauty and the Beast” — but her advice is simply to part with those that don’t “spark joy.”

Alternate idea: Stop making movies about Cleopatra because it’s not new. What about Nefertiti?

@DenaKhalafallah, joining in an impassioned debate on Twitter about Cleopatra’s ethnicity after reports that Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie are in the running to play the Egyptian queen (famously portrayed by Elizabeth Taylor) in a new biopic. Users noted that while Cleopatra ruled Egypt, an African country, she had Macedonian blood as a descendant of Ptolemy I.

I’ve always dreamed of going to the White House and eating McDonald’s.

@ArtGarfunkedya, joking after President Trump served food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Domino’s and Burger King to the Clemson Tigers in the White House’s State Dining Room in honor of their college football championship win. The Washington Post estimated the spread cost around $3,000. Trump said he paid for it himself, since much of the White House residence staff is furloughed.

Pretty sure these faces are a result of Adam Gase realizing he’s about to start coaching the Jets, of all teams.

@WillBrinson, reacting to the facial expressions of the New York Jets’ new head coach. Though Gase said nothing overly noteworthy during his introductory press conference, his eyes’ tendency to wander and widen on their own quickly caught the attention of Twitter users, leading some to joke that he’d been kidnapped by the Jets.

It’s amazing how an ad on being a good human being can bring out the worst in, well, humans.

@andreagrimes, criticizing the backlash to Gillette’s new “The Best Men Can Be” campaign. The ad tackles toxic masculinity through the lenses of homophobia, bullying, catcalling, mansplaining and sexual harassment, calling on men to stand against these practices. It elicited strong reactions from those who felt the ad attacked all men.