In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

Singer Gretchen Gustafson and her '90s cover band White Ford Bronco have countless shows planned in D.C. over the next several weeks.

During their New Year’s Eve show last month at 9:30 Club, singer Gretchen Gustafson and her ’90s cover band White Ford Bronco played a trick on the audience. They opened the show as a band dubbed Mission Accomplished and played a short set of songs from the 2000s. “It was so exciting to do something different,” says Gustafson, 34. “We love doing the ’90s thing, but even just the different vibe and feel for the 2000s stuff was so fun to do.” Fans go along for the ride wherever White Ford Bronco takes them, which is why the group has sold out most clubs within city limits. In fact, the band will visit several of them in the coming weeks: 9:30 Club (Saturday), Union Stage (Feb. 22), Gypsy Sally’s (March 15 and 16) and The Hamilton (March 22). On her fantasy D.C. day, Gustafson would take another detour, performing at a venue the band has never played.

I live in Southeast D.C. but I worked in Adams Morgan for a while, so I would go up to Adams Morgan’s Solidcore. Solidcore is the perfect mixture of death and accomplishment. I want that sense of accomplishment. I left my corporate job a couple of months ago and now am an instructor at Solidcore in Navy Yard.

I then would probably go down to the end of 18th Street and go to Unwind and get a massage. I absolutely love Unwind, and I think it’s the best massage I’ve had in D.C.

I would also be going to the Four Seasons Hotel for brunch [at Seasons]. A little touch of high-class. Bottomless everything. It is like every person’s food dream. You walk in and I think you look at a cheese station that has 15 different types of cheese and crackers and breads and jams and a meat platter. And then to your left, not even moving, there’s an entire seafood room. I’m not a seafood person, but this is like my husband’s dream. They have an entire dessert room! I’m doing the mimosas, baby.

I would go to the National Portrait Gallery and hang out in their atrium. It’s one of my favorite museums in D.C., but the atrium specifically holds a very special place in my heart. My husband, knowing that I absolutely love it, that’s actually where he proposed to me.

Maybe I stop at my favorite boutique and go shopping: Violet in Shaw. I’m a Violet loyalist. I wore my New Year’s Eve outfit this year from there. Because I’ve been going there for five years, I feel like they just know me and my style. So even when I’m in a hurry, they’re like, “But you have to try this jumpsuit on!” More times than not, I wind up leaving with that jumpsuit.

I want to play at The Anthem. I probably need to have an early dinner, so I would take advantage of that and go to Toki Underground. The fried chicken ramen is just divine.

Now it’s showtime. Sold-out Anthem show. It would be a super-long night with White Ford Bronco. I think The Anthem is a level up for us.

On my dream day we have roadies and we don’t need to load out ourselves, so we’re heading straight to The Pug and we’re going in some dope-ass limo, which is a total rocker move: Why wouldn’t you be taking a limo to a dive bar? That is my go-to bar where I’ve met some of my best friends. I just love the people, the vibe: It’s dark, it’s fun, it’s funky.