First you continue to make light of Britney’s ’07 breakdown and now you claim she’s a robot? Shame on you.

@ajLIMELIGHT, blasting the singer for a perceived slight of Britney Spears. On Friday, Perry posted a Q&A with producer Greg Wells, who praised Perry by saying she isn’t “handed a script like a Britney Spears and told what to sing.” Perry has a history of insulting Spears and her 2007 breakdown. Fans noted that Spears has written over 70 of her own songs and developed the ideas for most of her videos.

Jameela Jamil is a lot of talk. It might have finally caught up with her.

@alakazannah, criticizing actress Jameela Jamil for calling her new campaign for lingerie brand Aerie “inclusive of everyone,” despite the lack of plus-sized women in the photos. Jamil insisted that the campaign is diverse because it includes gay black actress Samira Wiley and paralympian Brenna Huckaby.

If Batman were to be a black man, his motivations may look all too familiar.

@jbouie, explaining how the history of a black Bruce Wayne/Batman would differ from past iterations, after Twitter user @YrOnlyHope suggested that Daniel Kaluuya play the hero. @jbouie proposed that a black Thomas and Martha Wayne would die at the hands of a cop, turning Batman’s vigilante focus to fighting police brutality.

I wonder if Justin Bieber is going to announce he’s starring in a “Holes” reboot after this.

@iSmashFizzle, joking about Justin Bieber’s new streetwear line, Drew. The minimalist, mostly camel-colored pieces immediately inspired comparisons to clothing from the movies “Holes,” “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent,” as well as UPS drivers’ uniforms. Others took issue with the pricing. For example, a red T-shirt, bottom left, sells for $48.