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Let’s start of with something soothing: A Cookie Monster and Lady Gaga duet is the collab we deserve.

Sesame Street Season 43 Cookie Monster (PBS and HBO/Sesame Street)

“Me think you confused ... ‘Rent’ played on a different street, me think Broadway?”


Me_CookieMonster, jokingly replying to a question about his rent during the “Sesame Street” character’s Reddit AMA on Wednesday. Cookie Monster’s AMA was filled with new information about his preferences. For example: He sometimes eats fruits and veggies, prefers his mom’s cookie recipe, hates Oscar the Grouch’s sardine cookies and wants to duet with Lady Gaga.

Now something a bit entertaining: Skype is going to let you hide your shame with a blurred background!

@albertfong98, joking about the latest feature added to the video-call service Skype that allows users to blur their background. Parent company Microsoft said the feature recognizes hair, hands and arms, keeping the subject in focus. Elated Twitter users rejoiced at the idea of being able to hide their messy homes from others.

Something a bit ... odd: Delta and Coca-Cola legitimately thought this was a good idea.

@anotherspaniel, criticizing the airline for a marketing partnership with Coca-Cola earlier this winter that featured napkins encouraging passengers to write down their number and pass it to their “plane crush.” Many found the napkins to be creepy, not cute, and Delta began pulling them in January.

And now for the distressing: Gucci is the latest entity to throw its hat in the “blackface during Black History Month” ring.

@TarteAuxLune, blasting Gucci for selling the above sweater, which evoked racist stereotypes. Twitter users eviscerated the luxury brand, which apologized and pulled the sweater from retail outlets, for advertising the item during Black History Month. Gucci’s slip-up comes as Virginia faces a political crisis, with Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring admitting to wearing blackface.