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It’s very hard not to watch this “Andi Mack” scene and burst into happy tears.

@ambersmack, praising the show “Andi Mack” for becoming the first-ever Disney Channel series to feature an openly gay character. Though character Cyrus Goodman, played by Joshua Rush, came out in an episode last year, he’d never explicitly said the words “I’m gay” until Friday’s episode. The scene was praised for normalizing an LGBT character in a kids’ show.

The bar was just raised for every future “SNL” musical guest.

@ItsDiamondJoe, praising the singer for her performance on “Saturday Night Live.” While singing “Eastside,” her song with benny blanco and Khalid, Halsey simultaneously painted a portrait on a large white canvas. The artist earned praise for both her creative take on the performance and for pulling double duty as the show’s host.

I know hypotheticals are fun, but why are we debating the movement mechanics of a baguette?

@ChronikosHat, making a case for how a baguette would move, a question first posed by @sheepfilms on Thursday. @sheepfilms made animations of eight different options, including a snakelike slither, flipping end over end, an inchworm-like motion and hopping on one end. The fifth option sees the loaf rolling lengthwise like a rolling pin.

“Weight privilege” is a discussion society has needed to have for years. It’s unfortunate it occurred under these circumstances.

@NerdAboutTown, writer Stephanie Yeboah, expanding on her story of how a man dated her for a few weeks just to get money on a dare from his friends for wooing a plus-sized woman. Yeboah detailed the struggles of dating as a plus-sized woman, leading to a larger Twitter debate on “weight privilege” and how thinner women generally have an easier time dating. Women of all body types called for societal acceptance of people of different sizes.

But really: Chucky is just a doll. Perfect for punting size.

@alexqarbuckle, tweeting a strategy for killing the murderous doll Chucky, after the first trailer for the “Child’s Play” reboot dropped Friday. Some Twitter users agreed that kicking was the best idea. Others said Chucky’s human-like strength makes him hard to defeat.