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Trending: PETA needs to keep its thoughts about Steve Irwin in-house.

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PETA can add “insulting a deceased cultural icon” to its infamous repertoire.

@mikehondo97, blasting PETA for tweeting that the wildlife expert was killed in 2006 while “harassing a ray” and that he forced animals to perform. The tweets came after last weekend’s Google Doodle marked Irwin’s birthday. Fans dragged PETA for its insensitivity, while highlighting Irwin’s public and private animal conservation efforts. PETA has not apologized for its tweets.

Apparently y’all would have Chris Evans sit 5 feet away and just watch Regina King struggle.

@JustSayRad, tweeting after the “Captain America” actor helped actress Regina King partway up the Oscars stage during Sunday’s ceremony after she stumbled over her dress. Though a majority of Twitter users saw the gesture as compassionate and chivalrous, others said Evans did “the bare minimum” and that the fanfare over his helping hand took away from King’s win for best supporting actress.

1) What is Muffin Break? and 2) Who expects people to willingly work for free?

@JordanRasko, joking after Natalie Brennan, manager of Australian chain Muffin Break, claimed that fewer millennials are doing unpaid work to advance their careers due to an “inflated” sense of self. Brennan’s generational bashing and suggestion that not paying workers was OK sparked backlash on Twitter. She has since apologized.

Mason Rupke’s dedication to naps is admirable.

@KateWelshofer, reacting to a now-viral video of 4-year-old Mason Rupke during his hockey practice. Mason’s father recently mic’d up his son to find out what he thought about while on the ice. In the six-minute video, Mason chats endlessly, proclaiming, “I’m gonna have a nap” after falling over, tells a coach “my legs are tired” to try to get out of a drill, and fantasizes over his post-practice McDonald’s meal.

In what backward world is that Serena Williams cartoon NOT racist?

@callapilla, criticizing the Australian Press Council’s ruling that a 2018 cartoon in the Herald Sun was not racist in its Jim Crow-like depiction of Serena Williams and thus didn’t breach its standards. Twitter users suggested the ruling may have been a result of there being no people of color on the press council.