First he ironed a suit while it was on his person, now he takes way too long to extinguish birthday candles?

@oh_kayx, commenting on the Utah senator’s bizarre celebration technique. In a video posted to his Twitter, Romney plucks the candles on his Twinkies birthday cake off individually, blowing out the flames one by one. Most Twitter users found the routine to be alarming, while others praised Romney for being hygienic.

Something tells me the first Mrs. Macklowe is doing just fine.

@Jamaicanbwoydre, reacting after real estate developer Harry Macklowe hung 42-foot-high photos of himself and his new wife, Patricia Landeau, on his apartment building, 432 Park Avenue in Manhattan. Macklowe told The New York Times it was purely to show them off, but the paper noted that his ex-wife, Linda, previously pulled out of a contract to buy an apartment in the building.

I love Chris Evans. But Cool Ranch Doritos are the absolute worst.

@_deshawnpm, offering up his take on the Great Chip Debate, started by @KevOnStage, who asked Twitter what the correct ranking was for a popular chip variety pack featuring Fritos, Barbecue Lay’s, Classic Lay’s, Doritos, Cheetos and Cool Ranch Doritos. The debate picked up as both regular Twitter denizens and celebrities such as Chris Evans and Questlove gave their rankings. Barbecue Lay’s and Cool Ranch Doritos sparked the largest debates.

These “mother of the bride” dresses have me a lot more optimistic about aging.

@RobCoco, joking about Etsy seller Tonena’s options for a “mother of the bride” dress. Two lacy, all-black dresses caught Twitter users’ attention, inspiring various tweets on how they were perfect for making a dramatic entrance to weddings and other family events. @_sashayed tweeted that Tonena’s dramatic dresses were ideal for “wicked stepmothers.”