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2016 was horrid. 2017 was disastrous. But 2019? 2019 is lookin’ mighty fine for the Browns.

@Emmaxxchambers, commenting on the New York Giants trading their star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to the Cleveland Browns for first- and third-round draft picks and safety Jabrill Peppers. Enraged Giants fans blamed General Manager Dave Gettleman as Browns fans celebrated. @bomani_jones said it was “like receiving an envelope in the mail with 10k cash and no return address.”

I thought it was hard to find a hairstylist accustomed to natural hair in normal life, and then I hopped on Twitter ...

@mdoolittle, singer and actress Melinda Doolittle, contributing to a discussion among black actors, actresses and models about the lack of hairstylists able to do natural hair after model Olivia Anakwe detailed being ignored by hairstylists at a recent fashion show. Actresses including Yvette Nicole Brown, Gabourey Sidibe and Loni Love said they bring their own hair tools and makeup to avoid messy hairstyles and mismatched foundation. They called on the industry to have stylists familiar with all hair textures.

Someone inform this guy that there are 12 months in a year. Oh, and that TSS is a very real and very serious concern.

@Felix_keeps_on, joking about a male Facebook user who said women have nine periods a year and need only seven tampons each cycle. The mathematically incorrect comment, originally posted in the group Pink News and tweeted by @aisghair, was a response to complaints on the high cost of feminine products.

At least Hannah B. can say “Roll Tide” without any problems.

@michcoll, tweeting about the news that Hannah Brown is the next “Bachelorette.” Though many fans expressed support for “Alabama Hannah,” others questioned the pick, as Brown repeatedly stumbled over her words during a live interview with host Chris Harrison.

Back to Twitter: Did this guy think any sane person would read this and go “Sound like an incredibly fair opportunity”?

@NicoleFroio, reacting after Epicurious site director David Tamarkin tweeted about an editorial assistant job. Tamarkin described it as “amazing,” then detailed what seemed to be three jobs in one, devoid of benefits. After Twitter users questioned the job, New York’s Department of Labor said it was investigating the position. Tamarkin later backtracked, saying insurance and other benefits were included.