In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District. See previous dream days from Mayor Muriel Bowser, BYT’s Svetlana Legetic, D.C. United’s Steve Birnbaum and more.

(Jason Hornick (For Express))

Petworth’s Drew Schneider thought he was just trying to get an abused dog help. Little did he realize that his blog post would go viral — and also bring about considerable change. In 2017, Schneider wrote a story on his website, Petworth News, about a pit bull in his neighborhood that had been neglected and left outside in harsh winter temperatures. The response led to new animal welfare legislation being passed in D.C. the same year. “If you have a certain level of passion for something, it can make a difference to yourself and others as well,” Schneider, 46, says about Petworth News, which he started in 2015. Aside from crime, Petworth News reports on food, art and more neighborhood happenings. Naturally, Schneider would spend time in Petworth with his wife and 8-year-old daughter on his ideal day.

I can’t go to the [now closed] American City Diner anymore to get my favorite corned beef hash, but that’s how I’d start my dream day. I lived in New Jersey for 14 years, and that was the closest thing I found to a true Jersey diner in D.C. proper. That’s how we used to start our day — with my wife, Heather, and daughter, Zoey, who was up at like 5:30 a.m. Bob & Ediths Diner in Arlington would be my second favorite diner. They have an amazing corned beef hash.

To me, a really good day during the summer months involves golf. I’m terrible at it. My buddy Keith got me into the game when he moved here 15 years ago from Portland, Ore. Rock Creek Golf Course is right near me, it’s cheap and it’s a nice way to spend a day with an old friend.

I’m also a big geek and a huge Apple fan. Since this would be a dream day, I would go to the Apple store at Carnegie Library that’s supposed to open soon. My daughter has picked up my love affair with Apple and loves to go to the store with me. Being able to walk out with something new, like a 15-inch MacBook Pro, would be wonderful.

I would take my two dogs — Teddy, a Boston terrier, and Frankie, a Dachshund-Boston mix — to the Old Soldiers’ Home. Just being able to be on that beautiful property, because it is gorgeous over there, is a good way to get some chill time with my wife and daughter.

Then we’d go to Upshur Street and go to Loyalty Bookstore. The owner, Hannah Oliver Depp, has an insane passion for books and connecting with the community. It’s a comfortable spot to find a book, talk to the owner, and sit down and read something.

My daughter is a massive fan of Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop. Her favorite thing to get, without question, is always a scoop of chocolate ice cream, on a cone, with sprinkles. I always try to get different things, but I am a fan of the gravel road — it’s caramel ice cream with almonds. And the black cherry ice cream is also very good.

Going into the evening, we’d do takeout at Timber Pizza Co. or Taqueria del Barrio and go to Petworth Jazz Project [at Petworth Park] on a good summer Saturday night. There’s always great music and talented musicians. And since it’s my dream day, hey, look at that — Tom Waits and Miles Davis show up to play an amazing performance.