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This isn’t a tip, it’s a cheat.

Restaurant Bill Reciept Holder Isolated on White Background (Michael Burrell/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

@Rockin_DRobbins, blasting CNBC and its correspondent Zack Guzman for a financial advice video — originally published in 2018 but tweeted again by CNBC on Sunday — suggesting people tip waiters less as a way to save money. Though Guzman acknowledges that it’s customary to tip 15 to 20 percent, he then makes a case for tipping on the pretax amount. The “trick” was immediately panned on Twitter as cheap. Many users pointed out that servers are already underpaid in most states. Others noted that if people were really worried about saving money, eating at home was a better route.

I don’t know who at Burger King thought this was a good idea, but shocker, it backfired.

@CatherineShu, criticizing a Burger King ad for its Vietnamese Sweet Chili Tendercrisp, which shows people eating the sandwich with giant chopsticks. The chain deleted the ad after it was slammed for playing off Asian stereotypes.

Ah yes, a *squints at notes* skin care fridge ...

@bodyorphanage, tweeting about the skin care fridge, a mini-fridge dedicated solely to keeping facial products cool. Though some Twitter users claimed to have been using the fridges for years, others were just catching up. Some say chilling skin care products extends their shelf life and reduces facial puffiness.

These questions always make me wonder why we fantasize about being stranded on islands.

@TheJeepDoll, saying “Grey’s Anatomy,” bottom right, would be her show of choice to watch on a deserted island. The question was first posed by E! News, which asked followers to choose among “Friends,” top left, “Gilmore Girls,” top right, “The Office,” bottom left, and the medical drama, which has been running for 15 seasons.

Y’all are in trouble now.

@Josyy_G, reacting after the federal student aid organization tweeted a reply to @worldwideliz_’s high-quality video of her prom. After Twitter users joked that the high school senior wouldn’t receive any financial aid due to the expensive clothes and cars in the clip, FAFSA replied with a shady GIF of a kid looking judgmental. The reply sent users into a tailspin, though some took the chance to ask FAFSA aid-related questions.