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It’s unfortunate that people don’t realize how much they’re hurting others when they show no effort to pronounce their name correctly.

@AleReyn0s0, actress Alejandra Reynoso, supporting comedian Hasan Minhaj after he described on “Ellen” how people mispronounce his name. He and Twitter users noted a double standard in minorities being told to change their names, while white actors with difficult monikers aren’t. Minhaj said: “If you can pronounce Ansel Elgort, you can pronounce Hasan Minhaj.”

Amanda Palmer is the clearest voice of reason we have as states unnecessarily crack down on abortion.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 4: Amanda Palmer performs at the Lincoln Theatre. (Josh Sisk/For The Washington Post)

@amandapalmer, singer Amanda Palmer, tweeting her thoughts on women having access to safe and legal abortions, as well as her experience having three abortions. Her thread was in response to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signing into law the “heartbeat bill,” which bans abortions after only six weeks. In her thread, Palmer detailed how such abortion laws disproportionately affect poor women, women of color, LGBT individuals and others without the means to travel to states with more liberal abortion laws.

Tony Hawk deserves better.

MONACO, MONACO - FEBRUARY 17: Laureus Ambassador Tony Hawk during a portrait session prior to the 2019 Laureus World Sports Awards on February 17, 2019 in Monaco, Monaco. (Simon Hofmann/Getty Images for Laureus)

@SamLozada, joking about the skateboarder’s difficulty in renting a car. Hawk tweeted Sunday about going to a rental agency only to find that his reservation wasn’t listed. He then went to the front desk, where an agent recognized him and said he’d deleted Hawk’s name because he thought it was fake. Hawk often details instances of people telling him he looks like Tony Hawk, without realizing it’s really him.

In no way can I understand why this restaurant exists or how you could defend its concept.

@annhui, criticizing nutritionist and blogger Arielle Haspel’s “clean” Chinese restaurant Lucky Lee’s. Haspel says the food is for people who love Chinese but want it to be healthy and “not too oily.” The new eatery was immediately met with backlash, as Haspel’s language furthered stereotypes that traditional Chinese food is unhealthy and dirty.