Express News Editor

I’m quite perturbed that the Staples Center has the worst popcorn — it just doesn’t end for Lakers fans.

@bekdale, tweeting about The New York Times’ feature on the Golden State guard’s popcorn obsession. The Times detailed how security brings him a bag before, during and after each game. Curry ranked the popcorn from all 29 NBA stadiums on freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, butter and presentation. American Airlines Center, home to the Dallas Mavericks, placed first.

“WHERE ARE MY ELEPHANTS!!” — Cersei Lannister, internally.

@Mattatamus, joking about the “Game of Thrones” character’s continued yearning for elephants in the final season’s first episode. Though viewers noted that the animals would be hard to transport across the sea in a wooden boat, many also wondered why Cersei would want elephants when she’s facing two dragons, one undead dragon and an army of White Walkers.

#Arichella was lit, and no one can tell me otherwise.

@hauntedrem, praising the singer after she brought four of the iconic boy band’s five members together Sunday for her set at Coachella. Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass joined Grande on stage to sing “It Makes Me Ill” — which Grande samples on “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” — and “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” Diddy, Mase and Nicki Minaj also joined Grande’s headlining set.