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If they follow Twitter’s twttr lead, this beta should be named instgrm.

@ryanpmat, tweeting about news that Instagram is testing out hiding like counts from users in an effort to offset the obsessive tracking of likes. The announcement inspired jokes that social media influencers who rely on such data would be lost, but many people cheered the idea. The beta test, which is being rolled out in Canada this week, aims to put the focus on the actual content of posts. A similar test is ongoing at Twitter, where numbers of likes and retweets are hidden from some users.

This is how I look when my dog comes in my room just to leave approximately two seconds later. Also, Harden is OK I think.

@grizzlam, joking about Houston Rockets guard James Harden’s eye injuries during Tuesday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors. Harden took hits to both of his eyes and suffered an eyelid laceration during the game’s first quarter. Viewers were quick to meme his watery, red-eyed look.

It’s gonna be a long time before we’re free of “Sonic the Hedgehog." At least we’ll have “Detective Pikachu” as an alternate.

Detective Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) makes his live-action movie debut in 2019. (Warner Bros.) ((Warner Bros. 2019)/(Warner Bros. 2019))

@ProZD, showing support for the movie after watching the first trailer for “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Though the live-action adaptations of both movie concepts initially received criticism, the “Pikachu” trailers have since won fans over — particularly after many felt disappointment at the “Sonic” trailer, released Tuesday, and its questionable character design.

This, everyone, is what we call growth.

Thank you for taking the time to research and understand.

An Instagram commenter

An Instagram commenter, praising South Korean YouTuber xoxosophia for an April 17 video in which she removed her box braids after accusations of cultural appropriation. Xoxosophia said the claims led her to research the hairstyle, and she undid the braids while educating her audience on their significance in black culture.

When you think about it, the concept of walking up to someone to hold them with your limbs is super unsettling.

@Rasha_talkhani, relaying a tactic for avoiding hugs after fellow Twitter user @Luvvie wondered how non-huggers were supposed to decline the gesture without seeming rude. @Luvvie’s inquiry garnered support and strategies — both serious and hilarious — from many. @PinkedOff wrote, “Back away saying, ‘Sorry, leprosy.’ “