Express News Editor

It’s like Anthony Joshua had literally never been on the internet before.

@TysonCreme, reacting to boxer Anthony Joshua’s stunning Saturday loss to Andy Ruiz Jr., which also saw Joshua lose his three major boxing title belts. The match’s outcome is being blamed on a photo Joshua took in March with rapper Drake, who is infamous for cursing the teams and athletes he supports.

OK. So is the new defense for disproving things to actually prove it but still insist you disproved it? Are we all going crazy?

@eheat, joking about Twitter account @TrumpWarRoom’s botched attempt to prove the president didn’t call Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, “nasty.” A reporter from The Sun on Saturday asked Trump if he knew of the duchess’s 2016 remark that she would move to Canada if he were elected. In recorded audio, Trump clearly says, “No, I didn’t know she was nasty.” On Sunday, both Trump and @TrumpWarRoom denied he said it, though the latter also posted the audio.

But I haven’t finished rating all the songs in my library!

@MattBrothers2, tweeting about reports that Apple today will announce the end of iTunes, its pioneering music platform. According to Bloomberg, iTunes will be replaced by three independent apps for music, television and podcasts. iTunes users took to Twitter to express their love of the platform, while others said an early adieu to a glitchy program that needed almost constant updates.

If you want to teach your kids the definition of hypocrisy, use Bishop Tobin as an example.

@LouisatheLast, blasting Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin for a tweet Saturday that said, “Catholics should not support or attend LGBTQ ‘Pride Month’ events” because they’re “harmful for children.” The statement was panned as hypocritical, since the Catholic Church is facing widespread allegations that clergy sexually abused children.

Disney didn’t have to do Pumbaa this dirty.

@blankwaste, joking about the new character posters for Disney’s live-action CGI remake of “The Lion King.” Many were terrified by the appearance of singing warthog Pumbaa (voiced by Seth Rogen), though others pointed out that the new Pumbaa simply looks like an actual warthog.