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You didn’t have to be so harsh, Lily.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 31: Alfie Allen attends the Vanity Fair EE Rising Star Party at The Baptist on January 31, 2019 in London, England. (Tim P. Whitby/Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images) LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 20: (FOR EDITORIAL USE IN THE CONTEXT OF THE 2018 HYUNDAI MERCURY PRIZE ONLY) Lily Allen attends the Hyundai Mercury Prize 2018 at Eventim Apollo on September 20, 2018 in London, England. (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

@UnderwhelmingH, reacting to the “Game of Thrones” actor’s Emmy nomination for his role as Theon Greyjoy. Fans were thrilled — even more so when Twitter user @JillianSed noted that the recognition was akin to a rebuke of his sister Lily Allen for her 2006 song “Alfie.” The track expresses her worries about the path of her brother’s life, with lyrics including, “My little brother’s in his bedroom smoking weed” and “I just can’t sit back and watch you waste your life away.”

On the one hand, we absolutely didn’t need a pre-trailer featurette on “Cats.” On the other hand, it’s an incredible ride.

@anniezard, joking about the first look at the musical’s film adaptation ahead of its Friday trailer release. Fans mocked the dramatic music and passionate testimonials from stars, including Taylor Swift and Idris Elba, above. Some called the behind-the-scenes look a PR move meant to tout the movie’s oversized sets and “digital fur technology.”

Hello, yes, I’d like to just ask how it took us until 2019 to get interracial couple emoji?

@ojfaces, tweeting about the newest couple emoji, to be released later this year. Apple and Google on Wednesday announced over 75 combinations of interracial people for straight and LGBTQ couples. The new additions will join a handful of emoji for disabled persons, including wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and an ear with a hearing aid.

I hate this.

@MeatheadMilitia, reacting to gamer YTSunny’s version of Super Mario Bros.’ 1-1 level in Super Mario Maker 2. Mario Maker allows players to design their own courses. YTSunny took 1-1, the easiest Mario level, and added fire bars everywhere. A dizzying number of jumps and double-backs are needed to pass the level.

On a question that has one wrong answer, Kris Kobach amazingly gave that wrong answer.

@RenaissanceRip, blasting Republican Kris Kobach’s Tuesday appearance on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show. On the topic of President Trump’s recent racist tweets, Kobach said he would cease defending the president if he admitted to being a racist. When host Cuomo then asked if he would still support Trump as president, Kobach replied, “Um, I don’t know.”