Union Market’s rooftop is now home to the Washington Kastles’ shiny new tennis stadium. But on Sunday, you won’t find a match there — instead, the court will turn into a gigantic bingo card where a critical piece to winning the game could be you.

In “Let’s Play,” the first interactive exhibition by D.C. artist Maggie O’Neill, bingo is reimagined in part as a team effort. In each of the game’s three rounds, 75 participating players — chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis — will act as human game pieces, moving to their corresponding square on a life-sized bingo board when their letter and number is called by an emcee. At the same time, spectators will be playing along on normal bingo cards. The first person to get a “bingo,” or the first group of human game pieces to line up five in a row, wins that round.

“I’m very much influenced by exaggeration and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and this sense of complete imagination and play,” O’Neill says.

Prizes include gift cards from Afghan restaurant Lapis and cocktail bar Lapop — or one of O’Neill’s polychromatic art pieces.

On the sidelines, guests can view roughly 30 of those pieces, which include O’Neill’s bright illustrations of ice cream cones, roller skates and other symbols meant to evoke the spirit of summer painted on real bingo card sheets.

All the pieces are for sale, and a portion of the proceeds benefit Children’s National, where O’Neill spent time last winter playing bingo with hospital patients.

“Bingo seems to be the universal game that every age can play together,” she says. “There is something very beautiful about that.”

Union Market, 1309 Fifth St. NE; Sun., 6-9 p.m., free.