In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

“Be the Change,” Mark G. Meadows’ EP released earlier this month, honors the past with two Stevie Wonder covers and a reimagined Charlie Chaplin tune. But the record’s larger message is all about looking ahead. One new song, “Go,” encourages decisiveness in the face of daunting choices. The title track, meanwhile, converts Meadows’ distress following the 2016 election into an optimistic anthem about taking progress into one’s own hands. “Just because this administration is in office doesn’t mean that we don’t still have the ability to be the change that we wish to see in the world,” the D.C.-based jazz composer, pianist and vocalist says. His band, Mark G. Meadows & The Movement, will celebrate “Be the Change” with a release show at AMP by Strathmore (11810 Grand Park Ave., North Bethesda, Md.; Aug. 16, 8 p.m., $18-$32). On his perfect day in the District, Meadows would hit some old haunts and, naturally, jam with a few friends.

The first thing I’d do is go to Little Red Fox, which is an awesome coffee shop on Connecticut Avenue, right by where I live. I’d get a breakfast burrito and an iced coffee, and then I’d make my way down to Bread Furst. It’s an amazing bakery, and I’d get some very unhealthy pastry.

After that, if I had the energy, I’d jog through Rock Creek Park and just marvel at the amazing beauty that we have right here in the heart of this city. It makes you feel like you’re outside of the city in, like, two minutes.

Glen’s Garden Market might be my lunch spot of choice. Or I’d go to Comet Ping Pong — I’m a big pingpong player, so that’s probably the more honest answer. I’d have a pizza called The Smoky.

This dream day would be a Sunday, so I’d drive down to Malcolm X Park right off of 16th Street and go to the drum circle they have there every Sunday around 3 p.m. I’d throw the Frisbee around and hang out with some friends.

The National Portrait Gallery is my favorite museum in D.C., so at some point I’d love to have that in there as well.

If my dream location, Bohemian Caverns, were still open — it’s a venue that closed down a few years ago — I would have dinner and drinks there with Duke Ellington, who in my dream life is still very much alive and thriving. I would throw back a few with Duke, and get some wisdom on his career and life.

Or, in the reality where Bohemian Caverns isn’t open, I might go to Sotto D.C., right off of 14th Street. I would listen to some live music from some of the best artists in D.C. and have some dinner, probably getting their beef ragu.

I’d head down to Marvin, which is another great venue right at 14th and U, and I’d listen to some more local talent. Once the music shuts down, I’d go upstairs to the second floor and hang out with friends at the rooftop bar.

Then, if I’m still feeling up for it, I’d go to Columbia Station on 18th Street. I’d like to play with all of my friends: Rochelle Rice, Akua Allrich, Elijah Jamal Balbed, Brent Birckhead, Deacon Izzy, Deborah Bond, Micah Robinson, Dante’ Pope, Jack Kilby, Christie Dashiell. We’d all just be onstage together, jamming until 1 a.m. That’d be the dream.