Ben Levi Ross, left, stars in the "Dear Evan Hansen" tour, which begins its Kennedy Center run Tuesday. (Matthew Murphy)

Looking to do some homework before heading back to high school for “Dear Evan Hansen” at the Kennedy Center? These three songs (all from Act 1, for the spoiler-averse) make for a satisfying sampling of the hit show’s soundtrack, which won a Grammy in 2018 for best musical theater album.

‘Anybody Have a Map?’

The opening number introduces the central Hansen and Murphy families via a duet from their loving but exasperated matriarchs. It’s an up-tempo scene-setter that teases the theme of children becoming mysteries to their parents, and establishes the show’s musical aesthetic with a healthy dose of acoustic guitar, percussion and strings.

‘Waving Through a Window’

Evan voices his search for belonging with this toe-tapping, heart-wrenching solo, as the orchestration crescendoes toward a striking climax. And the hook from songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul is earworm material: “On the outside, always lookin’ in/ Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?/ ‘Cause I’m tap, tap, tappin’ on the glass/ Waving through a window.” In addition to the Ben Platt original, you can find covers of the song by Katy Perry and Owl City.

‘You Will Be Found’

Written as a replacement for “Part of Me,” the original Act 1 finale that was scrapped after the show’s pre-Broadway run at Arena Stage in 2015, this number begins with Evan alone onstage as he delivers a somber piano ballad. As the rest of the cast emerges and joins the chorus, the song builds into a soaring anthem about connection and community.