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Pin number? Social Security? Luggage Lock? What was the real meaning behind ‘JOE 30330?’

@chrisgeidner, joking about the former vice president’s flub at the end of Wednesday’s Democratic debate. In his closing statement, Biden said, “If you agree with me, go to Joe 3 0 3 3 0.” The statement caused confusion among viewers, who eventually realized he wasn’t referring to a non-existent website, but meant “text ‘Joe’ to 30330.”

The privilege one must have to think lying about being transgender — after making transphobic comments, no less — is astronomical.

@juknowwhatitis, blasting model Carissa Pinkston after she lied about being transgender. The controversy began when Pinkston came out on Instagram last week as a transgender woman. An old classmate, upon seeing the post, found May Facebook posts from Pinkston, saying “Being Transgender does NOT make you a Woman.” After the posts became public, Pinkston apologized for the transphobic comments, saying: “I thought if I came out as Trans I could somehow make things better.” Pinkston told Buzzfeed News she did lie, but insisted she feels like a trans person.

Rammstein single-handedly taking on Russia is incredible.

@RubySunseto, praising Rammstein guitarists Paul Landers, left, and Richard Kruspe, right, for a shared kiss during the German band’s Thursday show in Moscow. The kiss came during their song “Ausländer” and flouted Russia’s anti-LGBT “gay propaganda” law, which allows fines and arrests for the display or promotion of non-heterosexual relationships.

As long as there’s no exploitation of Muslim women in the process, I support Banana Republic becoming more inclusive.

@AQuietSomeone, discussing the response to Banana Republic’s new line of hijabs. While the reaction was mostly positive, some buyers criticized the price tags of $40 to $50. The controversy grew when Melanie Elturk, CEO of major hijab retailer Haute Hijab, criticized models for wearing clothes that defied Islam’s modest dress code.


@jaubreyYT, criticizing U.K. YouTubers The Ingham Family for their latest venture. Last month, parents Chris and Sarah announced they’d worked with toy designer Mary Shortle to release a doll version of their newborn son for fans to buy. Fans said the announcement was “weird” and balked at the price tag, which can reach $418 if fans also purchase a “hamper” of accessories.