In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District.

Susan Tynan feels like she’s always running around. As the CEO of custom-framing business Framebridge, Tynan often travels between her home in the Palisades, Framebridge’s corporate office in Georgetown, its retail stores on 14th Street and in Bethesda Row, and Reagan National Airport. Tynan, 43, says that since starting Framebridge five years ago, she’s found D.C. to be a positive place for an entrepreneur. “I felt like the city has been really cheering for us,” she says. For Tynan, the people are what makes the place unique. “I think the city, in terms of its restaurants and its shops, is just now catching up to how special its residents are,” she says. On her dream day, Tynan would hang out on 14th Street; take her two daughters to Georgetown, where she used to live; and have dinner alongside her husband and friends.

I would get in a workout at SoulCycle. It’s really fun. The music is awesome. I love a lot of the teachers, who I think are like role models. They’re really positive.

Then I would go to Colada Shop. I’d get a cappuccino and an avocado tostada. It’s really good coffee and I love the vibe. It’s like a mini-vacation being in there.

I would check in on the Framebridge store on 14th Street. And then I would take some time to wander around [the street] and look at Little Leaf and Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot and GoodWood. I always find something that I want to bring into my life. The street is so vibrant and keeps updating itself.

My next move is to go pick up my kids for an adventure of an afternoon. We always wind up at the National Building Museum. It’s the biggest treasure for parents with kids. Inside, kids can run free. There are tons of exhibits that are fun for little builders. It’s one of those kids’ adventures that is pleasant for adults, too. Everybody might learn something. It’s also an architecturally stunning building.

Catty-corner from the museum is Bantam King. They would have fried chicken and I would have miso ramen. It pairs well with the National Building Museum.

We would probably head to Georgetown, our old stomping grounds. The kids would run around those sprinklers at Georgetown Waterfront Park.

We would then walk up Thomas Jefferson Street to Baked & Wired. Chocolate Satin cupcake [for me], definitely, 100 percent. They’re amazing. When I see people lined up elsewhere, I’m like, “I know the secret.”

My favorite calming spot for a drink with my husband is Blue Duck Tavern. If we need to talk about something, it’s the nicest, most relaxing place you can have a conversation. I always have champagne. It’s my go-to for taking parents who are in town, or business associates.

Dinner is at the Bedouin tent at Compass Rose. My husband and I got engaged in Egypt, and he traveled a lot in the Middle East. And so I just feel like it’ll be a really big treat. My best friend that I grew up with in Cleveland now lives in Arlington, so some friends would join us. It’s an eclectic menu, but everything is good.