She’s 17 years old, have some respect.

@brokenstyIes_, tweeting about Billie Eilish’s criticism of the German edition of Nylon magazine. On Friday, the outlet released its “digital prodigy” cover series, with one depicting Eilish as a bald and bare shouldered robot. The 17-year-old slammed the illustration for making her “shirtless,” and said she “did not consent.” Nylon has since apologized and deleted the image from Instagram.

After watching “Us,” I will definitely be monitoring DARPA’s tweets. Especially if they start asking for rabbits.

@MachMinotaur, joking about research agency DARPA’s Wednesday request for “underground urban tunnels” to “host research & experimentation.” DARPA’s odd stipulation that it needed answers by Friday had many Twitter users wondering what the agency was planning. Others actually suggested spaces, like the tunnels below Denver International Airport.

Sometimes it’s really easy to forget humanity’s ability for compassion.

@1241AM, praising Naomi Osaka, right, and Coco Gauff, left, for their sportsmanship following Osaka’s U.S. Open win over Gauff on Saturday. Osaka asked an emotional Gauff, 15, to stay for the post-match interview, usually reserved for the winner. Gauff accepted, thanking Osaka and the audience. After Gauff exited, Osaka took the opportunity to commend her and said to Gauff’s parents, “You guys raised an amazing player.”

Who wants to help prepare the powerpoint for Dior illustrating all the things wrong with this concept?

@Mel_Ankoly, blasting Dior for its now-deleted “Sauvage” cologne campaign with Johnny Depp. The ad was slammed for using the French term for “savage,” a slur for Native Americans, and including imagery of a Native American dancing. Depp’s inclusion was also criticized — he claims to have Native American ancestry, though there’s no documented proof he does.