Abel, blink twice if you’re OK.

@SNCRLY_ECCNTRC, joking about The Weeknd’s new look, which he debuted Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival. The singer walked the red carpet for his film “Uncut Gems” sporting slight stubble and a thin mustache. His hair, usually in dreadlocks or a high-top afro with shaved sides, was instead grown out. Fans compared him to Lionel Richie and a cartel leader, dubbing him “El Fin de Semana,” Spanish for “weekend.”

Let’s put Ms. Monopoly in a power suit and call it a day.

@iamscottenglish, tweeting about Ms. Monopoly, Hasbro’s new version of its classic board game, which pays women more than men. Women receive $1,900 initially and collect $240 after passing go, compared to $1,500 and $200 for men. Real estate properties are replaced with inventions by women, such as bulletproof vests and Wi-Fi. The reimagining has been hailed for bringing attention to the wage gap, but also received some backlash for being “sexist.”

Glad to see ESPN went with “radioactive Mountain Dew” for their short-lived graphic redesign.

@RickyHenne, discussing ESPN’s new and short-lived down-and-distance graphic. The new graphic debuted Monday, but its greenish-yellow color confused viewers, as yellow is used to indicate a flag has been thrown by the referees. Due to the backlash, ESPN changed the down-and-distance graphic to black after halftime.

Oprah voice: So what is the truth?

@pattymo, reacting to the discrepancy in how the president and John Bolton described the national security adviser’s departure. Trump maintains that he fired Bolton because he “disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions.” But Bolton tweeted Tuesday: “I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, ‘Let’s talk about it tomorrow.’ ”